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Aug 03

I did Warn YOU!

Posted by thenack in thenack , online , money , marketing , international , business



I have been busy with a South African Online business lately. It focuses on motivation and self improvement. You know how large companies often send employees on training and hire motivational speakers? Well this is like having your own life coach/motivational speaker.

The upside is that you also get a way of making a steady, long term, always growing income.
Basically if you join you get loads of motivational and success books etc. Daily e-mails, and loads of resources that help you invite and build your own business.

HERE IS THE REAL GOOD NEWS, we are going international within a month (6 August will be the boom date).

That means that for once in online business,
South Africans will be at the top,
and we won’t be paying a bunch of Americans, they will be paying us.
So join now and be sure to be on top of the world. This program is designed for people who want to be successful in life, not just make a quick buck. It is designed to make a large buck over a longer period, and to keep on growing.
Go and have a look.
Be Motivated, Make Money
I do believe ths is a first for South Africa, I know of no other internet online business like this that have grown from local success into internation success. This will be the first time South Africans will be at the top of the pile, and not the other way round. So be part of it!!

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