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Jun 28

RICA is RI-tarded.

Posted by Ryc0v in Vodacom , telecommunications , south africa , sim , RICA , retarded , registration , register , Proof of Residence , police state , infrastructure , ID Number , FIFA , fail , card


So, after many months of callously ignoring begging sms's from Vodacom to register my SIM card. I decided to finally walk the distance to a suitable shop and get it done.

After a lengthy queue and a slow typing helper, I managed to get my proof of residence, ID number and sim number down. Just to be told that my SIM was not available on the network.

As I had just used it a few hours before attempting to register it, I was rather surprised at this strange report. I walked to a nearby MTN store and asked why my RICA might not work, and they told me that the service was down.

"DOWN?!" I hear you cry in surprise. I know, I was also confused.

However, tt is fitting that two days prior to the final deadline, the service experiences load problems, but you'd think that they'd have planned for this? That perhaps a large amount of people that procrastinated doing so a year ago, would choose now or tomorrow to register their phones so that they are not cut off? So not only did I walk there for no reason, I now have a unRICA'd phone and a very annoyed state of mind.

Good job to the South African telecommunications network structure. Pity the same attention afforded to the distant-memory that was our FIFA world cup wasn't used to prepare for the mass exodus of registration attempts to conform to the police-state requirements.

(I'm looking for a way to feel like a spy. I'm considering giving them my old residential address, so if the government agents ever coming looking for me, I have some warning. Yes, I play a lot of computer games. No, I am not in any way required to have a medical professional with me in public. Thank you for your concern).

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