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Dec 08

iBio: The book of Job

Posted by Echoes in Steve Jobs , princess echoes , john ive , jean dennis , iTunes , ipad , Apple


I’ve just finished reading the kindle version of the biography, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I have to admit, I was quite reticent about reading a biography that I had heard was just a little self-serving. However, Walter Isaacson is an old pro at this – he has tackled some other heavyweight life stories and each one was handled with the same respect and sensitivity.

Oct 26

iOS 5: How to sync over wifi(no cable), make your own text tone and lots more

Posted by msbodetti in WiFi , text tone , sync , ringtone , iTunes , iPhone , ios5 , computer , Apple


I've had a while now using iOS 5 and I got around getting in all the ways to make my iPhone work the way I want it to…

Oct 24

iPad: A guide to what you can do for free

Posted by mirfaan in mirfaan , iTunes , ipad , free , apps


The biggest hesitation when deciding to get an iPad or not is understanding the limitations of the device, and what you'll be able to do without shelling out cash and iTunes gift cards for apps. This guide broadly covers what you can do for free (though there's tons of other stuff) on your iPad - all that's really required is an internet connection. All apps mentioned in this post are or were available for free.

Oct 19

iOS 5: Alternative way to get it and Jailbreak (Tethered; Any baseband)

Posted by msbodetti in Windows , snowbreeze , redsnow , Mac , iTunes , iPod , iPhone , ipad , ios 5 , Apple


After my last post on the live blog stream of the "Let's talk iPhone" I haven't really had a chance downloading and updating my iPhone to iOS 5.

What really bugged me was the headlines of Apple's servers not being sufficient for the update. Well lets see… Steve passed away (R.I.P), this was a real revelation for the iOS and they were releasing a new iPhone on Friday so obviously it would be swamped. 

Aug 30

Steve Jobs: Apples icon

Posted by iExperience in wall street journal reporter walt mossberg , tim cook , techcrunch saul hansell , steve jobs resignation , steve jobs co-founder of apple , ovuum chief analyst jan dawson , new apple ceo , iTunes , itrip , iPod , iPhone , ipad , art levinson chairman of genentech , apples ceo resigns , apple co founder steve wozniak , 1984 superbowl ad


Jul 20

Grooveshark - Free Spotify alternative

Posted by msbodetti in spotify , music , iTunes , iPhone , ipad , grooveshark


I don't know if you came across Grooveshark, but it's the best thing next to Spotify and it's totally FREE on your computer.

What I love about Spotify is that I don't need Gig's of space to listen to music that I don't have stored on my Mac or iPhone or iPad or any other device that supports it. But there is iTunes Match which is a great alternative but your limited to space…

How do I get Grooveshark?

This is the best part, you don't need to download any Apps whatsoever.

1. Open up your browser on your device and type in

2. Start searching for music and play it within seconds.

Jul 06

iPhone 4 Jailbreak 4.3.3 - Any Baseband, Any iDevice (iPad 2)

Posted by msbodetti in jailbreak , iTunes , iPod Touch , iPhone , ipad , comex , 4.3.3


I have been waiting for this Jailbreak for a really long time, reason? Well because I mistakenly updated my baseband from my last update to 4.2.1, my current baseband is  not unlockable via ultrasn0w.
Finally comex released the revamped version 3. Which supports all iDevices including the iPad 2 which has stirred up the public. As a lot of Jailbreakers were trying to accomplish the iPad 2 Jailbreak after comex's last jailbreak for iPad 2 got patched by Apple.

How to get your iDevice ready for

Firstly do a backup of your iDevice with your Contacts, email setting, music etc.
Then you need your iDevice to be updated to 4.3.3 via iTunes.

I had to do a Restore and Update because my iPhone was Jailbroken 4.2.1 via greenpoison. So if your iDevice is already Jailbroken, Restore and Update is highly recommended.

I noticed that my baseband updated yet again but this wont be a problem for Jailbreakme 3.0

Ant that's it, it's ready :)

How to Jailbreak with

1. On your iDevice, open up Safari and type in

2. Press the Install button next to Cydia. It should just Install the Cydia App or Jailbreak and Install the Cydia App.

This Jailbreak is 100% Free and working!
What happened to Greenpoison's rc6.2?

Well the Chronic dev team have been updating the public on release dates for the rc 6.2 but nothing has been released since May when they announced that they will be releasing it. A lot of rumors have it, it's because Geohot is no longer helping them because of his position at Facebook.
But this is the alternate method to use from Greenpoison as it basically uses the same strategy of Jailbreaking the firmware installed and not having conflict with basebands etc.
Read more about the comex here by the dev team.

Big thanks to Comex for his wonderful work and please make donations to him if you have used his Jailbreaking method with success!


Jun 08

iCloud beta 4.3.3 hands on - This is my next

Posted by msbodetti in iTunes , iPhone , IOS , icloud


I just watched the hands on video from This is my next people who are currently attending the Apple June 2011 WWDC and I thought I'd share it with you. They preview the iCloud beta on iOS 4.3.3, it looks really good!

Jun 07

iTunes 10.3 is ready for iOS 5 and iCloud

Posted by msbodetti in WWDC , Windows , Mac , iTunes , Apple


Just a few hours ago, Apple made iTunes 10.3 available for downloading. Which you can find here. I have done a Software Update check but it's not showing the new iTunes so I downloaded it and installed it manually.

May 31

iPhone App Review: ElectroBeats by David Guetta(Free; $9.99 ) - Make your own Electro!

Posted by msbodetti in iTunes , iPhone , electrobeats , david guetta


Ok to be honest, when I first got this App I had no clue what to do really. But then again I am not familiar with Beat Pads or how they work.

But after a while you can get a hang of it!

So what exactly does this App do?

It can't get any simpler. It's basically a Beat Pad for your iDevice that has been created in cooperation with David Guetta. It has some of his beats and songs which you can mix around with to make your own Electro. And if you have heard some of his songs, you know how good it is!

You can watch the video below I made of how easy it is to make your own Electro with this App. Or you can scroll down for a Step by Step guide.

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