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Apr 13

Technology drives vehicle innovations

Posted by iExperience in wi-fi , vehicle , trapster , technology , smartphones , pimpstars , larry howell , karl benz , isuppli , iradar , iPhone , icts , Car , automobile , apps , applications



Apr 07

Why should you Jailbreak your device

Posted by msbodetti in tweak , psp , PS3 , jailbreaking , iPhone , geohot , app


With the comment from grahampvm, I think I should make a post for people who don't know why jailbreaking occurs and why the people who started it, do it.

Jailbreaking can happen with all sorts of devices, starting from your mobile phone to your gaming console. I do get the questions of why do they do it and why is no one taking action. Well someone did take action, Sony Entertainment America has taken action against a iPhone modder and hacker geohot (George Hotz)

Apr 03

My most useful iPhone apps.

Posted by Dissol in iPhone , apps , app


I shall join the trend of posting my favourite iPhone apps. I have to admit, that I was very sceptical when I first got my iPhone 4 as an upgrade. I had been of the thought, that all I really wanted a phone for was to make calls, and to send SMS's. I had a decent camera, an alarm clock, and a tablet PC (which I take with me in my back pack everywhere). So I viewed all these apps, as a waste of time. But I have to admit that I have changed my view with using the iPhone. I do tend to use it frequently to check my emails on it, rather than firing up the computer. Although I had a FB account, and Twitter account, I was hardly a regular user, maybe only looking in once a month or so. Now, I am able to check & even update my own status easily, and quickly, from any where, and I find that very useful. One of the most useful extras that I have for the phone is not an app though. It is (or, more correctly, was, as I broke it this last week in Jo'burg) a battery/case, with the unfortunate name of Mophie. I don't like the design of the iPhone 4 with the glass back, as without a case it easily slips off a surface, or lap, or car seat, and regularly clatters to the ground. The case was not as slippy, and gave some protection - it even sacrificed itself this last I shall have to purchase another.

Mar 29

[Review] Infinity Blade [iPhone]

Posted by GrahamPeter in rpg , review , iPhone , infinity blade

  • Game: Infinity Blade
  • Developer: Chair Entertainment
  • Compatible With: iPhone / iPad
  • Review Platform: iPhone 4
  • Genre: RPG
  • Review Version: 1.21
  • iTunes Link: Infinity Blade
  • Price: $5.99

Infinity Game is Chair Entertainment’s [insert] of bringing more hardcore gaming to the iOS platform. The game revolves around a family bloodline trying to kill the God King, an evil force which seems to be terrorizing the local area – it’s never really stated so I’m just guessing here.

Mar 22

AT & T now has data plans for Internet tethering on iPhone

Posted by msbodetti in tethering , iPhone , At&t


It has been confirmed that AT & T will buy T-Mobile USA close to $39b.
To confirm this T-Mobile FAQ page used to say 'T-Mobile USA remains an independent company.' and now says 'The acquisition is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months. We do not offer the iPhone. We offer cutting edge devices like the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and coming soon our new Sidekick 4G.'

This will push AT & T's overall mobile carrier to at least 45% coverage in USA. This leaves USA with 3 mobile operators: AT & T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint. With this dominance, AT & T can once again control the iPhone market.
AT & T now has a way of finding out who tethers their Internet via iPhone to other devices and has been sending out text messages to confirm that they now have tethering data plans. This tethering option has become official in the iOS 4.2 firmware update which allows you to share your mobile internet with your MAC/PC or another mobile device via bluetooth or USB.

Find below image posted by Matt Sovoca on ModMyI of the text message received from AT & T.

Mar 20

Sony sues the first person to unlock the 1st Gen iPhone

Posted by msbodetti in unlock , sony , playstation , iPhone , geohot


I've been following this story since February 2011 where Sony Computer Entertainment America has taken geohot (Goerge Hotz) to court due to his hack on the Playstation 3 console (Including the slim)

I don't know if you know geohot, but he's the first person to actually unlock the 1st Generation iPhone back in 2007. He was 17 when he done it and it was big news mainly because it was the first unlock to go public and because he was a minor.
You can find below a video uploaded by WatWudYerManSay of the CNBC interview they had with him back then. As well as the video he posted on 21 August 2007 where he shows the first unlocked iPhone.

Mar 17

How to put your own message tones for your iPhone

Posted by msbodetti in tone , sms , iTunes , iPhone , Apple


This is a tutorial on how to put your own tones for messages such as SMS, Email etc. The main reason for this is because Apple doesn't let you choose to make your own message tone and sync it via iTunes like how you would normally do for your custom ringtones.

You don't need to Jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch.


- iPhone/iPod Touch (Any generation) This can probably work for iPad as well.
- iPhone Explorer  you can download it from here  You can run it on both Windows and Mac and its free. Unfortunately the other iPod versions are not free from them.
- Message tones; Usually few seconds, you can also check this site for popular tones. You can download any for free!
- iTunes or any other Audio Converter (Needs to convert to .aiff)

How to do it:

1. You need to get your message tone ready. You can download some from here I downloaded the Skype message tone.

2. Add it to iTunes and right click it to convert to .aiff. If it doesn't show this option but MP3 or AAC. Just go to iTunes Preferences - General Tab - Import Settings - and change the Import using option to AIFF and you can change quality there as well. Or you can use any other Audio converter that converts to .aiff.

Mar 16

Jailbreak iOS 4.3 (untethered) delayed

Posted by msbodetti in jailbreak , iPhone , dev team , Apple


I am a jailbreak freak when it comes to my iDevices such as my iPhone or iPod Touch.

Mar 08

Top 10 iPhone Apps

Posted by Charmed in iPhone , apps , Apple , App Store


This blog post is in response to msbodetti's blog where she asked what our favourite iPhone apps were. I decided to do a blog post rather, as it would make a better comment.

Mar 03

Steve Jobs gets out of bed to introduce the iPad 2

Posted by msbodetti in Mac , iTunes , iPhone , ipad2 , ipad , apps , Apple , App Store


I really loved watching this video and I'd like to share it with you. It was uploaded by shreyanscoolguy and the quality looks HD.

In this video Steve Jobs points out the many accomplishments Apple has made up to now. This video was recorded on the 2 March.

Really amazed to see Steve Jobs presenting this due to his absence in the last few months because of his health. But he looks pretty healthy in this video maybe because of all the excitement for the iPad 2.

Hopefully he gets better!!