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Dec 02

2011: The Year of the Noob

Posted by Megg_Ellis in megg_ellis , Megan Ellis , iPad 2 , ipad , blogging bonanza


Ooo, competition entry.

May 14

Not iPhone 5 but iPhone 4S

Posted by msbodetti in White iPhone 4 , iphone 5 , iPhone 4S , iPad 2 , Apple


Apr 30

iPad 2 Sales in South Africa shows Good start, as well as in Asia

Posted by msbodetti in ipad2 launch , iPad 2


I don't know if you were around an iStore yesterday but the lines and crowds waiting to get a glimpse and hold of the iPad 2 were astonishing.

Apr 27

iPad 2 to be officially available to South Africa 29 April 2011

Posted by msbodetti in press info , ipad2 launch , iPad 2 , Apple


Apple has announced it's supply of the second generation iPad to be available to Japan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries on the 28 April 2011.

Apr 13

Which tablet should you choose?

Posted by Howie2.0 in toshiba folio 100 , technology , tablets , tablet comparisons , tablet choices , south africa , samsung galaxy , pdf , New Media , iPad 2 , blackberry playbook , acer iconia a500


You walk into an electronic store with the hope of picking up a tablet with the titan reputation that everyone has been talking about. Standing at the front of all the displays a twinge of frustration looms when your eyes scatter over the tablets which all look the same. Great, which one were my friends talking about? And what about that one? It looks the same...?!

Mar 07

Smokoo - What a weekend!

Posted by The Oracle in , Sony Bravia , smokoo , Samsung LCD , KIA Picanto Striker , iPad 2 , Apple TV

The Oracle

Okay so things have been rather quiet as I have been working extremely hard and have not really had the time to go onto the site and of course end of month bills to pay. Responsibility comes first so we pay before we play.

Mar 02

iPad 2 - Not just a pretty face

Posted by RIC007GP in Windows , Web OS , iPad 2 , Apple , android



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