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Jun 03

Top 5 Bizarre Toys

Posted by thenack in WTF , vibrator , top 5 weird toys , top 5 , thenack , hitler , funny , dol


In at nr 5

The WII fit horse pregnacy ..... thing, "dady can I have a pony" "Yes dear, but first you will have to learn to feed it, and brush it and check if she's pregnant. K?"

At nr 4

The WTF scary troll centipede ....I don't even know what to call this but if your child wants one I think you should worry...

At nr 3

Not for kids, for dogs, but the doggy hump sex toy is, well, what it is. Something killer can hump instead of your motherinlaws leg. I don't get why it resembles a four legged duck though? Make it fluffy....

At nr 2

Wait for it, wait for it, waaaait, jip you saw it didn't you? Puppy dolls and barby dolls and fluffy bunnies and a VIBRATOR? WTF stamp of approval right there.

and the winner at nr 1

Action figure of the century, if you are a right wing mass murdering Jew hating leader of the Nazis, the almost life sized Hitler Doll. Yeees it is a Hitler doll. ???????? double WTF with pepper gas on top.

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Mar 23

Lucifer Malema

Posted by thenack in SS , nazi , malema , lucifer , kill the jews , julius , jews , hitler , evil , devil


Lucifer Malema

It is a well known fact that the devil is a lier. In fact, that is basically all he can do, lie. So once he has lied enough and convinced people to do his dirty work, he can sit back and enjoy. Who cares if some find him out, as long as some believe, the job is done.

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