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Aug 02

Social Media to the rescue

Posted by Howie2.0 in Twitter , south africa , rescue stories , rescue , police , notifications , hotlines , haiti , fire department , emergency services , ambulance , alerts


When your car gets jacked or a house caves in – who you gonna call? GHOS....ah wait it’s not 1984! You’d think that 27 years later we’d have better ways to communicate emergencies – but wait – we do!

Aug 02

Humans versus Dinosaurs: A Battle of Extinction woes

Posted by GeraldineKent in sustainability , human population , haiti society , haiti , extinction , ecology , ecological collapse , dinosaurs , development


Biologist E.O. Wilson once pondered whether many of our fellow living things were doomed once evolution gave rise to an intelligent, technological creature that also happened to be a rapacious carnivore, fiercely territorial and prone to short-term thinking.”

Enter the human race...

Mar 01

More on the Haitian experience

Posted by EgbertFly in haiti


As promised, I will be posting images of the destruction that the earthquake in Haiti in January of this year caused.

Feb 22

The Haitian experience

Posted by EgbertFly in rescue , haiti , earthquake



Feb 10

My Voodoo Hairdo: Story Of A Haitian Hairdresser And How To Search For Someone Online

Posted by redsaid in Voudou , Voodoo , South African Immigrants in America , Rapunzel , Port-au-Prince , Mother Continent , Haitian Immigrants in America , Haitian , Haiti Earthquake , haiti , Hairdresser , Green Card , French , Drag Queens , Creole , Cousin Itt , Coups d’état , Black Magic , Addams Family


“’Ello there. Eet ees so nice to meet you.”

Jan 23

Hait(i) Crimes

Posted by MikeZilla in haiti


Ok so before anyone from the high horse brigade starts throwing rocks or 2 week old fruit at me, no I didn’t know a damn thing bout Haiti until about a week ago. Sure I’ve heard the references on television and blew away my share of Haitian gang members in various incarnations of Grand Theft Auto. So I sort of got that this wasn’t a thriving example of first world opulence. I’m from Africa damn it, I can’t be bothered to check up on every ailing country on the planet, we have problems of our own, you know. Ok so before I continue I’ll make another plea to the high horsers, I am in favour of aid to Haiti, who wouldn’t be? Even as we run to aid Haiti though I wonder about the hypocrisy of it all.

Jan 19

Bearing witness to disaster

Posted by tallulah in haiti


How chilling it is to see someone's tweets go from:

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