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Nov 02

Cort X2 Guitar Review

Posted by DevilTrigger in x2 , review , guitar , cort


Thought I'd try something somewhat different today, so I'm gonna review a guitar. Why? Because dammit I can (And hey maybe MYDL could use some music tech as well, attract a bigger crowd). The guitar in question is the Cort X2, have a gander at it first:

As you may already know from a previous bitch blog, I play lefthanded. Couldn't take a pic of mine as my camera is crappy, so found a pic of a right hand that somebody flipped and called a left. Come on, even I'm not that lazy...but apart from the reversed logo in this pic, it looks exactly the same.

Anyway, first up lets be shallow pigs: This is an attractive guitar. Sexy fits it perfectly actually, as it took the general strat shape and added some sensual curves into the body. The silver hardware matches up great, and all in all, pick this up and you'll look like a badass even if you're gonna be doing James Blunt covers. When picking it up it actually feels like you're carrying something, as oppossed to some really light guitars I've felt. The heaviness of it feels satisfying, and it hugs your body nice and tightly.

But now lets close our eyes and move onto the more important part: the sound. First up, this isn't an expensive guitar, and is more aimed to the low-mid price range. It cost me R2600, which is pretty reasonable for such a good looking lefty, but my point is, don't expect this to be a sonic masterpiece. It's fitted with Powersound pickups, and you can create a gloriously loud sound with them. This baby screams rock and metal, but I've found the humbuckers can work well for lighter stuff too when coaxed enough. It can get a bit messy at times, so it needs a bit of extra control, especially when you got some distortion on. It has a bolt on maple neck with jumbo frets, and it is really fast to play. You can fly up and down the neck with ease, so again, break out the rocker in you and let loose!

...Except not too loose. It comes with a floating tremolo which, to be honest, is crap. I know it's not a Floyd Rose, but even the tiniest bit of whammy bar action sends the tuning out a bit, which sucks. The 3 way selector switch is fine, the volume knob is...well, a volume knob, but the tone control leaves something to be desired too. Turn it all the way left, you get muddy bass mess, but then turn it slighlty left and its treble, all the way to the other end. One can't really find a middle ground tone wise using the knob, so I control that on the amp or effects pedals EQ. Bit annoying for when you want to change tone on the fly. String action was a bit high, but after I put on some 10's, added another spring to the tremolo and fine tuned it, I got a nice level.

So, it looks great, apart from a few tone and tremolo issues sounds great, and is relatively affordable. Whats the catch? Well, none. I totally love this guitar. It ain't perfect, but hey, I'm not Hendrix, why do I need a R10 000 guitar? Invest a bit more cash in it and you have a seriously gig ready axe that wont let you down. So screw Fender, buy a Cort dammit.

Aug 21

South Paw sorrow

Posted by DevilTrigger in south paw , lefthanded , guitar


Being a musician. Almost every guy has, at some point in his life, considered the prospect of being a musician. Be it the ever so cliche, 'Hey let's make a band!', or spitting some rhymes down over some beats your friends' cousin made with FL Studio in the hopes of being the next great rapper, we have all toyed with this little dream, if only for a split second after seeing how much ladies love musical guys. I'm one of the very few people I know who listen to every single genre of music, and so settling on one style was a difficult choice, but then I decided what the hell, let me just learn an instrument and take it from there. I picked guitar (it's like strapping on sex appeal I tell you), and dammit thus far it has made me really hate being left handed.

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