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May 24

Dad got a BlackBerry: what this means for mobile marketing

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Mobile Kugel

While there was all this bubbe meise hype about the world ending, the only thing that came close to it for me was that my dad had upgraded to a Blackberry. This was quite a surprise, considering he has had his same Nokia phone for years and has stubbornly refused any kind of upgrade.

May 03

Polar bears and iPads, ice bergs and Blackberry’s, forests and Twitter.

Posted by GeraldineKent in world resource , water , Twitter , tree fellers , sustainability , survival , pollution , polar bears , planet , peak oil , news , nb , natural resources , metals , lobbying , land , Journalism , jeremy grantham , ignorance , ice bergs , hydracarbons , growth , going green , go gree , global warming , fishermen , finite resources , filter , fertiliser , farmers , environment , development , developed countries , Data , crisis , corporations , commodities , advocating , advocate


This week’s post deals with the issue of our world’s resources, and the severe crisis in trying to sustain these valuable commodities. I stumbled upon this post whilst wading through a very long list of new Twitter feeds. 

Now because I am a Journalism student, I've had to adapt to the habit of receiving an inordinate amount of news, at all hours of the day and using my own filter to decide what I need to read right away, what I need to read by the end of the day, and what I can add to a list of things I’ll hopefully read later on this year (key word – hopefully). 

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