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Sep 06

Intelligent products: green milk bottles, thermo-regulating clothing and a calorie-counting plate.

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Jun 14

Let them eat meat

Posted by iOnGreen in Meat Free Monday , green , environmentalism


There’s no way around it. Getting an office to ‘go green’ is a huge challenge. Us office workers are all very much set in our ways.

Whether we prefer to read lengthy reports on paper instead of on screen, or to throw all our rubbish into the closest bin without a second thought, we generally don’t like to have to change.

We detest anything that requires effort while yielding limited reward. Heaven forbid we should do something for which we may never see tangible results.

When the ITWeb Green Team was first established we brainstormed a number of practical ideas that could be implemented in the office – with the least resistance. Switching off lights, placing more recycling bins and recycling ink cartridges all got the ‘green’ light.

We also tried something else though. Something a little more radical. Something that required a little more buy-in from our co-workers. Something known as (cue dramatic music) “Meat Free Mondays”.

Shock! Horror! How would we ever be able to go a lunch break without chicken or beef?! The mind boggles.

Apr 20

Grahamstown's development goals

Posted by GeraldineKent in township regeneration strategy , sustainability , poverty , Port Elizabeth , nombolelo , metroplan , mayoral business forum , makana , joza , grocotts , green , grahamstown , graham hotel , Education , development. ict , community , Bandwidth


My friend, Lauren van der Vyver recently wrote an article about development and sustainability for Grocotts Online .

“A bold plan to create new business hubs in Grahamstown's townships was announced at a Mayoral Business Forum meeting at the Graham Hotel recently.

Jun 03

Nokia brings peddle power to Africa

Posted by SimonB in Nokia , mobile charger , green , free power , eco , dynamo , Cellphone charger , bicycle charger


Nokia today unveiled a unique new product for emerging markets.  The peddle powered cellphone charger which offers “free and environmentally friendly electricity” to mobile device users, is a much needed addition to the Nokia line of products.

Mar 26

The human virus

Posted by EgbertFly in virus , south africa , power , insects , Human , green , Greed , alternative , addiction



Feb 10

Send an eCard this Valentine

Posted by The Source in valentine , green , ecards

The Source

As you might have noticed from our Newsletter yesterday, we at myDigitalLife have decided to cancel Valentines Day.

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