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Jul 26

Welcome to the future: internet TV.

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Aug 20

How Old Am I In iPhone Years?

Posted by RIC007GP in iPhone , google tv , , android , 3d TV


Two articles caught my eye recently. The first one was by a correspondent for one of the local newspapers who said that she could not buy a headset for her phone because it was “too old” and she had only had it for a year. The second was on TiPb who asked “Can Apple afford to keep releasing only 1 new iPhone a year?” TiPb’s concern was that new Android phones were being released at an average of one every two months and that the spotlight is being taken away from the iPhone. 

May 06

Top TV Top Google

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A while ago I showed you how to use Google insights to determine what topics are hot to blog about. At that time, our good friend mr Julius Malema was googles top search term along with the AWB and TerreBlance's death.(jokes about malema was the top traffic puller). Malema madness has died down, but because I watched the google timing, I did quite well blogging about Julius Malema with one blog already way over 1300 hits. On Iblog I had a blog about Malema and the killing the boere controvesy that has more than 2400 hits and 25 comments. Not bad

Two weeks ago the hot topic was the volcano erupting in a cloud of ash, again, google insignts warned me in time. So what may you ask is the current hot topics? Top TV vs Multichoise. If you blog about either of these two, you will be using Googles hottest search topic

While I know multichoise is rather expensive, and not all that good (can you say " repeat old crap" ?), I wonder if it is worth swoping to top-TV? The main reason is that I haven't been able to find out how sport will work on Top-TV. I do not want to mis springbok rugby games, or bafana-bafana during the fifa world cup for that matter (photos of stadiums and fan parks). So I think it may be worth to wait what becomes of google TV, which will be the way of the future, according to, well google. This will turn your TV, gaming console or Blue ray player into a online interactive internet TV platform. Apparently it will alos be quite cheap? So while Top TV is sorting out their teething ptoblems, it may be worth while looking out for developments on the google TV, it is after all the next logical step in taking over the world won't you say?

This will make it possible to do all your social networking from the comfort of your living room, and will make playing console games over the internet a reality, so you will be able to play Wii against chinese, or even some more interesting applications, like, have you heard of Guitar hero? well imagine meeting a nice girl in germany, and hooking upt the vaginahero x-box 360 controller?

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