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Aug 16

Nokia Maps: @PigSpotter’s got competition

Posted by Mobile Kugel in turn by turn navigation , traffic updates , tom tom , Symbian , south africa , Smartphone , pigspotter , nokia maps , navteq , heat mapping , google maps , Google , garman , crowdsource , cape town , android , 3D

Mobile Kugel

Nokia Maps may just be the answer for South Africans who feel like they spend a substantial chunk of their days in traffic.

Jul 10

And the TomTom winner is.....

Posted by ShackledMuse in tom tom , Navigation , maps , Lost , GPS , google maps , driving


I'm about to share the most embarrassing tale of my life to date. The humiliation is so painful, I'm only going to submit one entry...

May 05

The next stage for Google: looking into buildings?

Posted by phANT1m in maps , google maps , google earth , Google


So if there is one thing I have come to realize it is this: Google have always been innovating and moving ahead. Every time you think Google just pushed the barrier they will step up ad do it again.

Mar 29

How to get an iTunes account in any country with out putting Credit Card info.

Posted by msbodetti in Zip Code , iTunes Store , google maps , Apple , America


I've been approached by a few friends and colleagues as to how to do this. They would like to download free goodies from the American iTunes store but they don't know how to go about getting an account with out putting Credit Card info. (This will work in any country's iTunes store)

It is a long procedure, but it's worth it!


1. A computer with Internet

You don't need an iDevice as all the free media such as music, premiers etc. can be played on your computer. But for free Apps, you will need an iDevice that is made for it.

How to get the account

1. Connect to the Internet and open up the iTunes application

2. Click on the iTunes Store category on the left panel. It is situated under the main category Store.

3. Wait for it to load. By default it will go to the iTunes store associated with your ISP IP address so it will load to the South African iTunes store.

Go to the bottom of the page and you will see a Site Map to your left. At the bottom right you will see a icon that shows which country your iTunes store is for. Click on the icon. (Flag of the country)

Jun 02

Google maps sued, I bet Columbus never had this problem

Posted by MikeZilla in law suit , google maps


So our good friends in the USA are once more proving why any technology no matter how good cannot undo the problems caused by evolutions failures. I’m not sure why I was surprised to read of a US resident who is suing Google maps for providing her with walking route. During the Google map guided walk however she was involved in an accident and now she has her targets set on 100k of Google maps dollars for damages due to their irresponsible directions.

Jan 27

Free Google Advertising with Google Maps

Posted by thenack in marketing , internet , google maps , google earth , Google , Digital , adwords , adsense


This something new from Google, and I must say it is quite cool. Now depending on what you use the internet for, Google is either a search engine to you, or a marketing tool. In reality, google is in fact a marketing tool, and google is a marketing company. (or they make money by selling marketing space, not by being a search engine)

Their success was built on supplying the world with and excellent FREE search engine, geting everybody hooked like a crack dealer, and then start selling the ad space. Once everybody is hooked, they just can't lose.

So why would they spend Gazillions (or googles) of dollars on google earth? Were they just being nice? No

The next thing in internet advertising is google maps. You may have noticed them coming up in your searches as you browse. A local map showing the persons or places you were interested in in your area. For instance if you searched for "psychologist", the following will happen.
THis Now the red blobby thingys indicate psychologists that google recons are close to you. The best part is that if you were a psychologist, you could post your bussiness on Google maps for free. (for now in anycase)

This latest addition to the whole adsense adn adwords way of thinking is still a little shaky. Mostly as google would rate gauteng as basically places with Pretoria and Johannesburg adresses. If you wuold have listed yourself in Zwartkop, your ad may not appear. It is also still very limited as far as search terms are concerned.
So in short, if you have a bussines you would like to advertise for free, place it on google maps while it is still free.

I have a feeling that this is the way of the future.....

(Oh and while you are at it, type in your home address and click on satelite in the map, and go see if your roof needs a paint job)

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