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Mar 04

Bonzai Kittens and Laptops for free

Posted by thenack in laptop , kitten , i-pod , garmin , Games , gadget , Digital , camera , bonzai , body morph , aution


How to "grow your own"

Bonzai Kitty: This site explains is: "Dedicated to preserving the long lost art of body modification in house pets."

Notice the conformal shaping accelerated through the use of calcium sequestering agent to soften bone structure. After 1 month skull will attain complete conformity to flat surface resulting in the desirable "bonsai kitty" expression.

They go into the details of how to seal of kitty’s anus with super-glue, and how to insert the feeding and breathing tubes.

They also sell everything you need to "bonzai" you own kitten

Go check it out, very informative : Bonzai Kitten

Mar 03

A much loved digital 'gadget'

Posted by sgb in gadget , digital camera , Digital


My first real digital 'gadget' - a camera - was much loved, much enjoyed, but quickly obsolete.

Feb 26

THAT woman's sense of direction

Posted by Flycatchr in [grrr] , Smartphone , mydigitallife , My Digital Life , mobile device , htc , GPS , gadget


A friend of mine gave me an HTC X7500. Its like a mini laptop and cell phone combined. REALLY nice little gift, and it comes with all the little apps one would expect from a windows mobile 5 device. A great little tool for "on the go" quotes and emails. You do need to trick it into thinking its software certificates are up to date to continue using MSN though, but that is another story for another day when I feel like bashing Microsoft.

Feb 19

Fighting key chain

Posted by riiaan in Street Fighter 2 , Interesting videos , Games , gadget


This is all speculation since I don’t speak Japanese, but it seems what we have here is a keychain that lets you do combos moves from the game Street Fighter 2. Further on in the video two people are actually fighting against each other with their key chains! I not to sure just exactly how it is determined who wins the fight...

Feb 03

Go Green AND Stay Home

Posted by thenack in USB , money , greenhouse , gizmo , gadget


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