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Mar 24

Digital Photo fun

Posted by thenack in thesource , thenack , software , photo , noise , freeware , Digital , color



This post is all about getting the "pro" in your amature digital photos, for free.
I wondered why I couldn't get those super bright, super sharp images with my camera. Turns out, I wasn't cheating like the pros. Now if you want the best results, you could spend lots of money (thousands) and lots of time to get and figure out photoshop. Or you could just try phototoolkit. Yip, for frie.

It actually works as a plugin to you normal windows picture and fax viewer. IT offers all the usual stuf, brightness, contrast and color correction, but a few others as well. Mosst notably for a free program, denoising. But some more on this in another post. Lets start with a few examples.

Say you have a bad picture of you some guy. Now first you want to correct the color and crop out the other guy. We only need the famous person forr this picture and will therefore cut out the other guy. K.

Use autocolor and crop.

Great, now we have only the famous guy. Now, we have to tweak his facial expression a little. Use the morph function and you have a smiling Source, very rare photo indeed.


But it really isn't a great smile, so lets see what we can do about that.... Create custom animated gifs at!

Created with gifninja by thenack

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