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Sep 06

Black Power Information Act

Posted by thenack in thenack , south africa , politics , newspaper , information , freedom , ANC , africa


In the light of the communist like Nazi laws the ANC are trying to impose on our media, I believe we need a different approach. What can you as a normal blogger do?

What I suggest is using places like Afrigator to get the support of other African bloggers. There are some pretty good blogs in places like Nigeria and Zambia. I think if all of us go and visit some African blogs, get them to come to ours and read about this rediculous law. The ANC won't listen to those white tendencies coming from the USA and Europe. We need black power on this one. Viva freedom of speech! (but lets try and keep it smart, tidy and inteligent, get the african intelectual involved in this)

Sep 04

Defend the freedom of expression

Posted by barrmar in media tribunal , Freedom of Speech , freedom , free press , Censorship


A new Media Tribunal has been proposed by the ANC as a means of controlling the press. While the proponents of this tribunal claim that the intentions in no way conflict with the ideals of press freedom, such measures always do carry a huge risk. 

May 24

Zeitgeist review

Posted by OS GIKEN in Zeitgeist the movie , Zeitgeist , Venus Project , Rockerfeller , religion , Illuminati , Humanoid , H+ , freedom


I know Zeitgeist is not a new development; there are tons of internet conspiracy theorists out there just waiting for someone to subscribe to entertain their thoughts. One has to think that the people behind the famous debunking have too much time on their laborers hands coming up with these kinds of mythical explanations for the way things are in the world today. I, for one, am not easily moved by conspiracies or debunked theories, but Zeitgeist movement has made me think, which is what I believe their mission objective is.


For a full review you can view this website, I'd just like to give account of my thoughts behind the matter. 1st of all, the idea that these guys have too much time must be debunked, the sheer volume of research will give any research professor a stiffy, and the time that went into the movie is pure dedication to prove the elitist exists and to prove the government is behind most of the sick crimes that has an element of mystery surrounding them. I have to take my hat off to these guys who seemed like they've dedicated their lives to proving that the Illuminati exists today, and that they have secret dealings with the government of the age, and that high ranking officials are behind each and every conceivable wrong in the world, and that we as citizens of this world, are all brainwashed by the media and we are somehow controlled and in this essence, we are not free.

There are too many topics to focus on, and I feel like watching the movie again and again just to wrap my mind around what these guys are proposing. So I'll jump around topics as they come into mind. Illuminati

No freedom:

According to these guys, we are not free, we are fools for thinking we are free, by openly and willingly participating in economies and adding to it through working everyday, we are slaves to the rich elite, who are the only ones profiting from our labour at the end of the day. Their idea is that by working for money, we are not free, we are slaves of debt, and repaying debt will be our be all and end all. Once we've rid ourselves of debt, we should no longer work for debt, this is how you are free, but then if I'm still working, if not for debt, I'm doing it t sustain my life, to keep surviving, to be alive, the elitist are still gaining off my labour, am I still a slave because I'm working for the sake of staying alive? This leads me to the following topic;

Project Venus:

Project venus

Jaques Fresco, an architect and some clever guy, is working on a project that kind of like resembles heaven, no money, no worries, no working, no laws, no state - basically everyone living in unity together and being happy. It seems these guys are crazier than we thought. He is of the firm belief that if we can demolish the need for money and want, by using the earth's resources, which is abundant according to him, we all can have what we want and need, there will be no scarcity, no one controlling the resources, thus we will have what we want, so we won't need things, there will be no laws prohibiting us from anything, if we want, we can get. This flawed view, is striking because its our nature, as humans to be flawed, he, Jaques is flawed as well! So, if Jaques gets us to subscribe to his level of thinking, we should embrace the technology we have at hand, let automation take place, we don't have to work, as we already have what we want remember...he is suggesting an H+ view shared by people of Illuminati standpoint! H+ is where people embrace radical ideas such as human enhancement, robotic features, allowing people to do what they cannot; it starts with harmless aids like allowing people that cannot walk, to get robotic legs and allowing them that freedom to walk again. H+ represents the new world (Illuminati) where humans are in sync with robots, technology...

Religion, state, banks - they rule us:


The thinking here is that all these entities was created to control man, to control our thoughts, our actions, and to get us to act a certain way. I.e. Christianity was created to control people, to make them think there is a deity that looks down on all and judges them...I'm a born again Christian, I was shocked at the allegations of my beliefs being fake and God not existing, and that the entire Bible is a lie and that the universe is what we should look to for inspiration etc...I was trying hard to not be biased, but I guess we'll have to die, and then we'll see whether God and Jesus exists or not...I'm a firm believer. Again, the idea is that I'm being controlled, my thoughts, my actions, by the Christian religion. I don't believe in religion, I believe that Christ has saved me etc. Same with the state, a government - it controls me, and it dictates my actions... The banks as well, its ruled by corrupt individuals all with the same agenda, to control me and make a slave of me by forcing me to work and obey their rules.

Elitist families:


This one is of particular the movie they have recordings of one film producer who was friends with one of the Rockefeller’s, one of the richest families in the entire universe, lol. And the conversation went to the point where the Rockefeller guy was admitting to the producer guy that the ultimate goal of the family and its interests, is to one day have a chip implanted into each and every person on earth, and control them...and if they don't do as commanded, the chip will simply be switched off...yes, these guys have these kinds of conversations, this new world order thing. Elitist families have their hands in each and every conceivable operation in the entire world, thus they remain elite, rich. Apparently they run governments etc. The thinking here is that we should not be fooled, governments don't run countries, but companies run countries, companies who's board members are surprisingly, in some way, connected to the elite of the world!

Explanation for everything:


The thing about the Zeitgeist movement, is that they have an explanation for every single thing! WWI and WWII are all secretly carried out by the USA and its connections in office with secret societies. All wars are meant to make money, and they have former CIA and MI6 agents confirming this illusion! These people, these elite, want to control the world, they want to rid the world of governments and create a one government world, meaning each country will have one government!

Its all been said before:

All of these allegations, these radical ideas and theories, have all been said before, to make you change your current mindset. Apparently Zeitgeist is here to open your eyes and expose you to what the elitist are busy with. To me, it all sounds like a movie plot that was never realized and now people are following with it.

In conclusion:

I don't know

I understand that this is a very rough, to the point, short review about the Zeitgeist movies and what they represent. You should go watch it yourself and think about what they propose. Watch it with an open mind, and then after each chapter, decide what you want to believe. The world is such a sick place, that I, for one don't brush these allegations off as some fantasy someone thought of. I also don't let this get to me and change my mindset. This kind of cultist behavior, is exactly why people should know who they are and what they stand for. In today's world, too many people don't know who they are, they don't understand how the world works, they cannot make decisions for themselves, we are bombarded with media(which the Zeitgeit claim is also controlling us) that affect out decisions day in and day out each and every second of our existence. Watch this knowing who you are, because movements like this are dangerous, cults emanate from radical ideologies as such, and actions is next to follow. It seems like a movie plot, seriously! After you've watched it, it somehow makes you think of the ifs. You get the sense of "no, it can't be, not in our world" but I'm of the firm belief that our world is a sick place with many sick people that have their own agenda's. The elitist are a scary and strange bunch, and with money still being the root of all evil in this world, I no doubt say that what is said in the Zeitgeits movies can be true, if not, we'll find out once we're dead.

Mar 24

ANCYL's freedom of speech(less)

Posted by OS GIKEN in speak , julius malema , Freedom of Speech , freedom , ANCYL


If it were so true, I, and everyone else, would be able to say what we want, when we want, and to whom we want. Freedom of speech, in my opinion, lies closely with defamation of character.

Mar 23

SpeakZA and hold your peace

Posted by The Source in speakza , media , freedom , campaign

The Source

#SpeakZA is a noble idea to bring it to the attention of the ANC that they should distance themselves from the motives of the ANCYL(ANC Youth League) and proclaim that they are a governing body that stands for media freedom.

Feb 10

Waar was jy?

Posted by Paralyzer in new South Africa , Mandela anniversary , Mafikeng , freedom , 11 February 1990


It's the 11 February 1990,I'm in Mmabatho the capitalof Bophutatswana . The streets are empty outside.We are Sitting on the floor of my aunts cold tile floor in the area called white city ,unit 8. My mom,aunt and my cousins are surrounding me as we watch Mandela walk out of prison.Everyone says its a big event,I'm 10 years old and I can sense it's important but how important I didnt know back then

That in a couple of years as a result of this day and the days preceedingit,Bop would be no more,that we would soon support a bunch of soccer stars that the press would later call Bafana bafana,that my uincle who hated anything todo with "boers"will be number one supporter forthe springboks,that a couple of days before my birthday Mandela would be a president of a unified |South Africa.That 20 years later I would be wishing that I had watched the entire inaugration or payed more attention to the TRC broadcast and the CODESSA talks.

But I was a kid back then, thanks to Madiba and other people who fought for a free and democratic South Africa.Today I sit in Newtown and type this and think how blessed we are to have lived in a generation that saw the fruits of freedom.A generation that saw Madiba walk out of prison,that saw OR and Sisulu as old men,that layed to rest Slovo and shed tears for Hani.A generation that is inspired by a man who was seen as hot head in his youth who grew old to be an elder statesman who works as a benchmark for what a true South African leader can be.A man who saw a dream come true unlike Martin Luther King Jnr. nor Steve Biko,Solomon Mahlangu,Tseitsi Mashinini and many others who watered the freedom tree with their blood.Tata carried their dreams into the union building.

As I look back at those faint memories of 1990 11,I feel proud to be South African and more over to be a country man of such a visionary and father of a nation.May the ideals of non-racialism,sexism and tolerance that Madiba has personified in his life be the ideals we are willing to live by and be thankful that the days for dying for them are long gone and buried with.Lets build together in honour of our grandfather of the nation,uTata Mandela.On this day his 20th anniversary from prison.

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