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Oct 24

iPad: A guide to what you can do for free

Posted by mirfaan in mirfaan , iTunes , ipad , free , apps


The biggest hesitation when deciding to get an iPad or not is understanding the limitations of the device, and what you'll be able to do without shelling out cash and iTunes gift cards for apps. This guide broadly covers what you can do for free (though there's tons of other stuff) on your iPad - all that's really required is an internet connection. All apps mentioned in this post are or were available for free.

May 12

Ubuntu Linux right up there!

Posted by irfaan46 in workspace , Windows , version , update , uk , ubuntu , System , south , shuttleworth , review , OS , operating , mzansi , mark , Linux , kernel , good , free , distribution , computer , canonical , africa , 11.04


Apr 13

Fast Forward: The future of paywalls and free news online

Posted by fastforward in paywall , payment , online , news , new york times , Journalism , future , free , Digital


Oct 21

Why people pirate

Posted by tally in Piracy , music , mp3s , movies , laurence lessig , free , download


There seems to be an impression among those in the entertainment industry that piracy is a crime driven by scumbags who simply want to get for free what they should rightfully be paying for.

Sep 29

Healthy Rich Going To Be Punished!

Posted by OS GIKEN in virus , University , Tswane , Sicko , Scrubs , Rich , poverty , poor , Healthcare , Gray's Anatomy , free , Doctor , Canada , ANC , africa


The National Health Scheme...where everyone in this country, illegal immigrant or not, will be able to go to a doctor and demand service for his/her teeth, for his/her broken leg, for his/her cock eye for his/her lower back pain. This sounds wonderful, but do yourself a huge favor and go watch the movie "Sicko"...

Sicko - Micheal Moore

This movie or doccie documents people's lives in different countries and the type of health care they are provided with...sometimes for free. The best to date has to be Canada, where people get rebates for not using their allocated funds for medical purposes. Obviously, Canada chose to fund this scheme through huge taxation on working class people. But then again, Canada is not in Africa, and thus we cannot compare Canada to South Africa.

South Africa, eSickoh:
Now our clever politicians who believe they can do everything under the sun has come up with a way to deliver the under-carpet promise made in's their proposition in simple terms...not even Layman would argue this:

"Everyone, poor and rich, gets free healthcare, we don't stipulate what "healthcare" entails, and we don't stipulate what will happen to people already on private healthcare schemes, for all we care they can stay where they are, but as long as poowah(poor) people get the care they need, we are happy. We will pay for this by demanding...yes, demanding the rich pay for this simply because they are...erm, rich"

Now, if like me you have been an avid political follower, by this I mean can't wait until someone in the ANC opens their mouth, then you'll notice that when things are directed towards people the tone of the ANC gets more aggressive, more hateful, more racist dare I say. That guy that can't talk properly, was all over the radio yesterday quoted as saying something along the lines of, "some would think we should charge this free healthcare onto the taxable amount of working peepol...but we are not, by doing this you are taxing the poowah, the rich must pay for this free healthcare".

Free Healthcare

Live rich, die poowah:
So if you read between the lines, you'll notice what I had noticed...These guys don't know what they are doing. They think that for once that they have given something 10 mins of thought; it should come to pass immediately! But I guess its no secret, ANC and thinking are like Mars and a button on the remote control, no relation whatsoever! Obama was given flack for his stance on this same topic. Now, the ANC, in their infinite wisdom, decides that the rich people, for just being silly rich, you know, just because, must foot the bill if the poowah people can't foot the bill for a broken foot. The rich get away with allot of things in life, but that in my opinion is how the cookie crumbles and how it should crumble. It’s been crumbling like this since the beginning of time! How does one decide who is rich and who are poowah? I know a couple of very wealthy people who like to plead their 809th amendment to declare poverty! And how will the rich foot the bill? Will they be taxed? Or will they be assigned a squatter camp location, and that certain location now belongs to them to look after, medically!


Spit in the face:
This to me seems like a spit in the face of rich people the country over. There are tons of rich people who do way more than the government with regards to giving, not just receiving. How many rich people give to the poowah, how many rich people have charities in their name, just for some government official to come and steal the money? This is against the way of the rich. Don't force them to pay for the poowah, and they won't feel the need to not give...they only give because they are not forced. There is one thing you need to understand about the rich...their money is their money. Not God's money,  or the kids', or the wives' or the company's...its theirs, all theirs! Paying for the wellbeing of the poowah, well, let's just say its not in their budget!

Free Healthcare - free for whom?
If something is free, it’s free for all, except the one giving it out for free. Teach this to all kids now...something that's free has cost someone else something! A free lunch has cost the restaurant resources and time...a free blowjob has cost some girl her childhood and many other things, a free Cellphone has cost all the millions of other Cellphone users incy winsy sums of money that they don't even know they were giving! How can healthcare be free, when the rich are paying? They should say, free healthcare for those who cannot afford. I know teachers cannot afford healthcare, they can't even afford houses. Because they earn too much for government houses, and they earn too little for private houses financed through a bank. would they determine who would qualify for free healthcare? There are so many spin-off's from this scheme should it come to's a couple:

The rich will get richer - I don't know how they just always do.

May 21

Free and Cheap ways to Advertise online Reviewed

Posted by thenack in peppor , free , classifieds , adoos


I reviewed two marketing options that you can use to market your bussines or product cheaply and effectively.
1. ADOOS free classifieds. There are many of these free classified sites around now days. The best know is probably gumtree which reaches thousands of people. But Gumtree is very big, and quite picky. They actually do not allow you to market small busines ventures. So why go for adoos? They offer you fairly good exposure and do not monitor your ads. One distincly cool feature is that they create a banner ad using the content you give them. So if you create an ad, they automatically use the picktures to make a link to your ad on adoos, quite a nifty little ad on. Even if you place the ad only to get a banner for your website, here is an example:

It's time to think about a Second Income! This...

Handy if you do not have web development savvy. Apart from this it gives basic, simple easy to use functionality. I placed an ad in 3 minute, quite cool.

2. Peppor Peppor basically works like Google with pay per click advertising, except it is way cheaper, as you can choose how much you are willing to pay. Other users of peppor will then display your ads on their sites. It has a limited reach, but for a minimal amount you will get clicks! If you have a small budget, peppor is quite effective. Peppor will then give you small banners like the one below that works nicely on Wordpress platforms (wordpress does not support Java script so this helps). Basically you can past banners anyplace that allows HTML. So again, making it simple for the beginner and web novice, cut and paste, cut and paste....

Spice up your income.

Feb 20

Free Laptops for Kids

Posted by WINDPOMP SHERRY in XO Laptop , word , window , volunteer , unique , translator , tool , teaching , target market , support , soul soothing , solving , software , skills , Rich , remote , relationship , project , programmable , problem , privilege , poverty , potential , populations , poor , opportunity , Nicholas Negroponte , monetary , marketing , mammoth , learning , learn , laptops , laptop , IT support , funds , Free Laptops , free , food , families , empowered , Education , educating , earth , donating , developer , creative , computer , company , community , clothes , children , child , charity , business


Businesses worldwide support worthy causes as a means of marketing.  The challenge is to draw attention, ensuring a captive audience.  It is no longer about making a mediocre social impact or simply to get into the newspaper for free...  you have to stun and engage.  The key to success is to get people talking about your company and to involve your community.  Thereby establishing a long term relationship that is beneficial to the business, the target market and the charity chosen.

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