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Jun 30

Fifa vs Technology, can football handle TV refs?

Posted by thenack in tv replay , thenack , technology , referee , redcard , football , FIFA


We have all seen some very shocking decisions lately. The world cup referees have not really done themselves all that proud. Various rediculous red cards have been given, and some goals have been denied, as I am sure England will be happy to tell you about. All of this have sparked the debate on weather or not to use technology in football. Of all games, I believe, football and technology don't mix. Just take a look at the video of the goal below. Clearly, the ball is over the line (or was it), but the goaly has kept it in play. If the game was first stopped to check if it did or did not cross the line it will influence play too much.

 higuita Another area where it may be used is with giving red cards. There are so many fake injuries and falls in football, a match will last 3 days if each and every offence were to be checked by TV replay . Here is some footage of very fake football injuries.
fifa-world-cup-red-card-reason fifa-soccer-tantrumspeek-a-boo So my suggestion is as follows. I think they should have a sensor that lights a green light the moment the ball crosses the line. Weather the strike is in the air or on the ground. You can't use TV replay as this will influence the rest of the game. The referee should instantly be able to see if it is a goal or not. 

I believe each coach, not the players, should have one or two chalenges per game, only on red cards. With yellow the play resumes too quickly and stopages would slow the game too much. This should not be the case for yellow, only for red. So the coach can make a chalenge on a red card, and then the referee can watch the replay and decide.  

So in conclusion, I think technology can help, but it should be adapted to have minimal impact on the game.

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Jun 24

Sport and technology

Posted by The Organ Harvester in Video replay , technology , Soccer , Referees , Professional sport , football , FIFA

The Organ Harvester

After viewing several matches of the Football World Cup several things are becoming evident. Firstly the high ideals of sport and sportsmanship are no longer relevant. Football is a professional sport clinging onto values and principles that no longer apply. The referee for instance is said to be only human but his mistakes can cost sponsors, teams and organisers a lot of money. The USA might have finished top of their group yesterday with an injury time goal but, in their previous match a match winning goal was disallowed for no apparent reason and neither was one given. FIFA and football in general tends to operate on business lines. That is never hidden. MATCH, the commercial arm of FIFA that protects its commercial marks and interests is a fine example of this. So then the obvious question is why does the football governing body still cling to old fashioned ideal such as referee's decision is final with no option for teams to question his decision through the use of technology.

Jun 17


Posted by thenack in world cup , thenack , supporters , Soccer , pictures , photos , images , football , FIFA , fan fest , bafana bafana



I went to the centurion Cricket grounds on friday for the 2010 opening festivities. Supersport park is the Tshawne/Pretoria fan fest location. What a huge party! The event was superbly organised and ALL the fans were in high spirits and well behaved. You could hear the vuvuzelas from kilometers away and it was just smiles and SA flags were you looked, not to mention Bafana gear!

I took my camera along and these are some of the pics I took of this awesome event. there were thousands and thousands of people, supersport park was jam packed and everybody had a ball. The only problem was the legth of the beer ques, doh!
all in all I hope all the rest of the world cup can go like this day, it was superbly organised and to my opinion if most of the events go like this, the world cup will be one to remember!

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Whatching the game on the bigscreen at supersport park was awsome!

I call this guy Southafricaman

Makarapas, makarapas, everywhere you look!!!!

Rainbow nation hotness.

Soccerball hat in bafana colours

This started earlier as part of the football friday friendly footbal match!

Seriaas support

Loyalty, baby bafana of the future

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Jun 09

SA Rocks the Vuvuzela Moment

Posted by zookuki in world cup , vuvuzela moment , south africa , Soccer , football , FIFA , 2010


Goosebumps... as I walked outside

Traffic obscured by brightly coloured supporters, flags and an omipresent blast of vuvuzelas.  It was just amazing to experience the GEES in South Africa.  Our colourful nation is such a wonderful place... our people are the best.

I'm still struggling to get the hang of my vuvuzela (so far it's all spit and farting noises), but I will persist - SA ROCKS!

May 26

"Kill the Boer" Condoms joke

Posted by thenack in world cup. fifa , wereldbeker , thenack , snakes , safety , poisonous snakes , lion atack , football


It seems the tourists have been well warned about the dangours on South African streets. Machete...mashiti..."PANGA" gangs roaming the streets, killing young people for the illegal trade in human body parts, for muti. Obviously the genocidal nature of the killing of ET added the oportunity for machet..meche..."PANGA" gangs to also kill older people for fun.
Another extreme danger to tourists are the poisonous snakes (see barmans post).

While the machet..michet..."PANGA" gangs have been killing of  the worst of the snakes in the streets, this remains a real danger, especially to the novice running away from the gangs, not looking where he is going.
It is also well know that British football fans like to "dine out", as a manner of speaking, and engage in some prostitution. This brings with it the chance of AIDS, and don't forget, when you are in the prostitutes grass hut you are also at risk of Malaria, especially down in Cape Town.

So what to do about all these dangours at the Fifa world Cup?

TO ALL BRITISH TOURISTS, the Don't kill me I am not a BOER t shirt is not enough:

But Don't Despair, there is a solution!! Yeah

There is a solution that will keep you safe from mac..."panga" gangs, snakes, AIDS and Malaria ------> The FULL BODY KEVLAR CONDOM!


This device wil greatly enhace your safety on your dangerous mission to the Fifa world cup. However please note, Kevlar boots not included in picture, and the FULL BODY KEVLAR CONDOM  is not not "Lion attack proof", so still be on the lookout when leaving the safety of your hotel or Soccer Stadium. Onsale NOW

Apr 16

Sokker Wereldbeker Fotos en Inligting

Posted by thenack in wereldbeker , thenack , south africa , photos , info , football , FIFA



HEre are some awesome pics of the world cup stadiums. I have seen the one in Nelspruit, GIANT GIRAFFES serve as pillars, amazing. 1 Hours drive from the Kruger Park, watch your football and go see some animals. I also saw the one in Durban from a boat at see at 4 in the morning, it is AMAZING!. It dwarves Kingspark totally, you should go see it even if you don't have tickets for a game.

What many people don't know yet is that most of the fans will be watching the games at "fanparks" Giant screens will be showing the games so that people can watch it together. This should also be a lot of fun as "fanparks" will have beer. Nuf are the locations.

Most of the fanparks are located around the top tourist destinations, mainly Western Cape and Gauteng, but I think one of the coolest holidays ever will be visiting all of the fanparks, you will have the best time ever. They are located in the best spots!

If you know somebody from the oversees, pass this along