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Feb 16

TheNacK is back

Posted by thenack in malema , gautoll , food , Egypt , africa



I know it's half past February and I haven't posted a blog yet...but it seems I am already three months behind at work. So here are a few comments on some things that have been happening.

Egypt and the Pyramids:

It is quite clear that the people living in Egypt today are NOT the descendants of the amazing folk who built the pyramids. While it is an amazing country, it is mostly because of what people did there thousands of years ago, and in spite of the modern day residents. So I got a thinking why this may seems that every time there was a regime change, the ruling dynasty was killed off,  Every 100 years or so the smartest and strongest people were removed from the gene pool. This process of stupification has gone on for more than 3000 years resulting in the genius that is the modern Gyppo. See picture for clarification.

Which made me think of this....

But that's another story.
Something else that is worth mentioning is the awesome new toll fees we will be paying in Gauteng. And with "we" I mean the people who are already subsidising electricity, water and schools for the not working masses, and the working but uneducated masses. It seems the worst downside of apartheid turned out to be the fact that members of parlamaint never heard the fairy tale of slaugtering the swan who lays golden eggs.

Lets hope the Rugby and Cricket world cups keep us bussy enough to ignore all the other crap, lest we go mad.


Apr 09

Spam Protection Mystery

Posted by thenack in viagra , thenack , spam , SEO , penis , julius malema , food , drol


A while ago I desided to remove the akismet spam filter from my site. Just to, you know, see what happened. BAM, I was hunted down like a deer with one leg. Spammers got to me man, they got me good. I probably got about 50 spam comments a day, ranging from viagra to hamburger recipes. What I found interesting though, is that the spammers all conglomerated on two or three of may older posts. They didn't comment on any otehr post, but hammered these, all the spammers, spaming together in one place. Could anybody tell me why they all spam in the same place? Is it some kind of SEO think??

The comments started with penis enlargement, went over to viagra, and now recipies? Yeay, like for cooking food and stuff. ??!!!

74 comments  and counting, it seems they have realised that I already have a large enough penis, and am now in search of viagra to get it going, and food recipies to impress the ladies. Nice going guys, thanks for the help

Check out the worlds most spammed blogpost south-african-drinking-water-is-no-longer-safe-in-fact-its-lekkerkak

Feb 17

Nothing amazes me anymore

Posted by EgbertFly in television , order , food , couch , cellphone , Cell phone



Feb 20

Free Laptops for Kids

Posted by WINDPOMP SHERRY in XO Laptop , word , window , volunteer , unique , translator , tool , teaching , target market , support , soul soothing , solving , software , skills , Rich , remote , relationship , project , programmable , problem , privilege , poverty , potential , populations , poor , opportunity , Nicholas Negroponte , monetary , marketing , mammoth , learning , learn , laptops , laptop , IT support , funds , Free Laptops , free , food , families , empowered , Education , educating , earth , donating , developer , creative , computer , company , community , clothes , children , child , charity , business


Businesses worldwide support worthy causes as a means of marketing.  The challenge is to draw attention, ensuring a captive audience.  It is no longer about making a mediocre social impact or simply to get into the newspaper for free...  you have to stun and engage.  The key to success is to get people talking about your company and to involve your community.  Thereby establishing a long term relationship that is beneficial to the business, the target market and the charity chosen.

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