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Feb 19

Joke Friday

Posted by thenack in thenack , sex , joke , flying , africa


I find this joke truly funny and the fact that is so South African makes it even funnier to me (it is a very old joke but I am sure not many of you have heard it)
Anyone who once was a teenage boy or who remember the more conservative days of the old South Africa will probably enjoy this. (This joke should actually be told because it kind of needs a bad Afrikaans accent to work, but use your imagination)

Now back in the day when condoms first "came out", here in South Africa it was a very sensiteve topic. You wouldn't see them in the store like you do know. For all practical puposes it would be like having a rabit vibrator next to the toothpaste. Frowned upon. Now this one young afrikaans boy heard rumours. Kondoom, ongelooflik. Jy hoef niks te worry nie. All his friends were telling him about this magical device. Now one day he decided it was time to find out for himself. If sex could be less dangerous than he was taught by his parents, he had to find out.
Now if you don't speaks too many english, kondoom could very easily be translated to "kandoom". Sounds about right. So off he went to the indian general dealer (the spar didn't have kandooms). The thing is , you had to ask, they kept them in the back. So of he went and asked the gentleman, " Can I have one kandoom please". The shopkeeper obviously heard "can doom" and asked him if he needed it for crawling in~sekts or flying in~sekts, to which the boy promptly replied, " NO!! just normal sekts please"

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