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Aug 23

Social Media: 6 best practices

Posted by Howie2.0 in ugc , Twitter , strategy , storify , social media , smo , photosynth , online , internet , Google , flickr , Facebook , crowdmap , best practices


Social media is like Google’s elusive Algorithm which keeps search engine marketers on their toes around the clock. It’s a constantly changing and evolving species of technology meshed with 2-way communication channels, audience scope and UGC.

Aug 08

Curating your own stories

Posted by Howie2.0 in Twitter , storyful , storify , interfaces , flickr , Facebook , curation , Blogs , aggregators


With so much information all over the place, it can be frustrating to remember where you saw what. One of the solutions to this problem is curating information and bundling it into a multi-source package stream like services such as Storify and Storyful.

Apr 27

Find Your Royal Wedding Fix

Posted by iExperience in you tube , Video , Twitter , social media , royal wedding , prince william , mobile apps , live viewing , live streaming , kate middleton , flickr , Facebook


The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine (better known as Kate) Middleton is just around the corner. As the Westminster Abbey ceremony on Friday 29 April looms closer, people all over the world are making sure they get involved as well.

Jun 09

Yahoo now piggybacking on Facebook?

Posted by ShackledMuse in zynga , yahoo pulse , yahoo , social media , mxit , Google , Gmail , flickr , Facebook



You might recall my earlier articles regarding the Yahoo vs GMail, and Yahoo piggyingbacking on Nokia while Apple takes the lead. I don't hate Yahoo, really I don't. I'll admit it's not my first preference, I'm not particularly fond of Yahoo. You have to admire their resilience though... Still putting up the fine fight to move out of second place and overtake Google.

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