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Apr 09

Julius Malema vs Afrikaans

Posted by thenack in world cup , spoiler , julius malema , idiot , FIFA , drol , boere , afrikaans , 2010


This year should have been great, 2010 viva world cup. We should have been preparing for the party of the decade. Even the ANC could have come out more popular than ever, with then virst JZ started with his sexing it up campaign, but now Julius Malema has spoiled it for all of us. Now all we can talk abou is him. We have a very appropriate saying in south africa Julius Malema is a drol in die drinkwater.

For the people from the oversees that translates to julius malema is the turd/crap in the drinking water (town well)

He is spoiling the thing everybody else is dependant on. poepol

The media reporters should have walked out when he removed that imperialist pig jonah from the BBC. Why were the other reporters such sissies? Malema should receive no more coverage.boicot the bastard

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