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Nov 01


Posted by DevilTrigger in friend request can't be sent , facelessbook , Facebook


I hardly use Facebook that much. I guess you could say I'm a rational user of it, i.e., I don't change my status every 5 minutes or have 4583 friends of which I actually only know 10, but instead I log on now and again to see what some of my friends have been up to, messaging or commenting where I can, and accepting or inviting the odd friend. Something weird happened to me earlier though...

So, I'm perving looking at the People You May Know list for either someone I actually know, or someone I may like to know (Oh don't act like you've never done it), and upon trying to invite someone, I get this message:

"This Request Can’t Be Sent
Do you know this user personally? To prevent misuse of Facebook, this request can’t be sent. To learn more, please visit the Help Center. If you believe you’re seeing this message in error, you can report the problem."

After some confused Googling, apparently this is one of the beefed up new security features that FB has put up in the last few months (This may be old news, but like I said I dont use the FaceBastard that much so this is still news to me).  The benefits are obvious: Stops the spammers, stops the stalkers, and the weird robots and phishing stuff. Of course, Facebook, may I question why the hell you show me people I may know and then not let me befriend them? One of the factors for this message coming up is apparantly not having enough or any friends in common, leaving FB to assume you're a crazy stalker, or the other is sending out too many friend requests. It can't be the latter, as I can probably count the number of friends I have on all my appendages, so the former must be true.

Except...and FB, this one may be rather difficult to grasp...have you ever heard of socializing and meeting new people?  "No Friends In Common" Well duh you Socially Retarded network, I just met the freaking person last night, and now you tell me we cant be friends? And correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't social networks about, oh I don't know, being social? Why the flying fudge did you turn into my Grandmother FB and tell me who and who not I can associate with? If people want to become friends with random strangers, let them, what business is that of yours? It's like all that bad rap Mxit got when it first blew up about how unsafe it is. No, Mxit is a cheap safe place, it's the people who use it who make it unsafe, you as the user need to just be careful. Same with FB. These new (or semi new) regulations should be optional, not forced.
'But this system is great!' you protest, 'I don't have to get loads of requests from weirdos I don't know anymore!'

Well how about doing it the old fashioned way then babe, just post one Godawful ugly profile pic of yourself instead of that one perfect pic that took you 2 hours to get just right. Trust me, you wont be getting many more invites after that...

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