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May 11

Gamification and Education: Escapist Magazine

Posted by Ryc0v in The Sims , ryc0v , gamification , extracredits , exp , escapist , Education


There are many fields that Gamification could theoretically be applied to, but it is one thing to theorise and hypothesise, and quite another to actually test and draw results. 

Extracredits (a content creator for Escapist Magazine) recently posted a short video answering some questions by educators world-wide, centred around how to implement gamification techniques in the field of Education (Primarily at Secondary/High School levels). 

They touch on many different techniques, but the one that stuck with me the most was the reinvention of our current marking system. We currently mark in an exclusionary fashion, were we look at an ideal piece of work as worthy of full marks (for example 100%).

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