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May 10

Saving the world... One gadget at a time

Posted by GeraldineKent in wood , Twitter , technology , sustainability , polar bears , petroleum , organic remains , mauritius , ipad , ice bergs , hydrocarbons. fossil fuels , glaciers , finite resources , energy sources , energy , dodo , development , coal , clean water , carbon emissions , blackberry


“In the real world, we do have hydrocarbons and other finite resources, and most of our current welfare, technology, and population size depends on that fact. Slowly running out of these resources will be painful enough. Running out abruptly and being ill-prepared would be disastrous.” Let that thought sink in for a while... Perhaps that’s a bit harder without fully understanding what this statement could mean.

Jul 13

The gadgets that can save us all...

Posted by automatix in lexus , hybrid drive , energy , alternative


We all know that things like cellphones can save lives - if you know who to call when the chips are down. But there are other, more expensive and intricate gadgets, that can save us all collectively. Really. Well, maybe.

Mar 09

Don't make your bed curry head

Posted by thenack in tobasco , thenack , sneeze , Skin , sheets , mytes , motivation , metabolism , Health , energy , curry , chilli , bed , allergy


House dust mites are microscopic eight-legged creatures that live in vast numbers in warm, moist places like your sofa, curtains and carpets (and your nice snuggely duvet, sexy). They feed on flakes of your skin, fingernails and hair. 

If you could get CSI in every now and then to warn you of any hair or skin particles you could starve them. Vacuuming may help clear up dead dust mites, but the living burrow into fabric and escape being sucked up. Now, the dust mites themselves won’t cause problems to your health, but their body parts and excrement contain an allergenic protein that can cause sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, breathing problems and asthma. goggakak is sleg vir jou chomma.

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