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Oct 31

Money is only paper, nickels and dimes

Posted by Jawellnofine in profit , politics , paper money , opinion , financial , economy , deficit , capitalism


We know (or have been told) that America is in the Red and China is in the Green; financially speaking of course. Same goes for the countries in the Euro zone: some are in the green, others in the red. In other words, some have true money while others only have printed money.

Jul 06

Global Warming: A Growing Woe

Posted by Jawellnofine in technology , philosophy , opinion , money , mindset , global warming , economy , climate change , capitalism , arrogance


I am of the opinion that the whole so called global warming/climate change issue is too complex a subject to just apportion blame willy-nilly onto the veritable human being, especially as no real workable solutions are put forward by the activists and pundits of global warming/climate change theories.

Apr 26

Can the government not see the problem?

Posted by DBS in public holidays , economy


Its Monday. Its the day before a public holiday and I am at work. That I am at and able to work is great but the number of people that I have tried to call today to find them on a long weekend is ridiculous.
I like a holiday as much as anyone but having a single day of work before a holiday seems to me stupid and very costly.
Can't Government see that days like this with schools closed (we don't have an education problem do we?) and the economy running in what seems like essential services only mode (didn't we just have a recession?) is just stupid.
I want to have the public holiday but it makes enormous sense to me that they should be on the Monday or the Friday. That way we all get a long weekend. We cut out economic down days like today, get our education on track and the country moving along.
Anyone got any ideas how we can get a groundswell going to get the change moving?

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