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Nov 08

It is Dead!?

Posted by Jawellnofine in opinion , money , Greed , frugality , finances , economics , capitalism , avarice , austere



Apr 12


Posted by GeraldineKent in university degree , tree hugger , technology , sustainability south africa , sustainability , south africa , rhodes university , Research , poverty , politics , patriot , ngo , New Media , matriculation , Journalism , humanity , history , hippie , Government , global warming , environment , Education , economics , digital media , development , culture , community , activist , Accessibility , 2012


First things first… I am not a hippie. I am not a tree-hugger. I am not a political activist. I am just a Journalism student, who has a keen interest in History, Politics and humanity’s incredible ability to ruin all the good stuff about this planet of ours.

I am a cynic. I am critical. I do believe that we can use history and past mistakes to fix the present and secure a better future. Global warming - I think I believe it exists. The apocalypse of 2012 – I’m rooting for that to be real, for it to be a cleansing session for our world. South Africa – I’m a true patriot at heart but very aware of this country’s flaws and inability to solve crises.

Feb 23

Retweet retreat

Posted by Aratus in Yemen , Worldview , Twitter , social media , Oil , middle east , Libya , Iraq , iran , Facebook , Egypt , economics , crisis


It seems that the most common practiced maneuver of Middle Eastern armies is the Retweet Retreat; except Libya of course, because the Libyan army is not very well practiced.

Populations have a new voice and it is loud! So what now? Now everything changes!

Aug 27

Forget the recession - be prepared for Great Depression II

Posted by barrmar in recession , Great depression , economics


Forget about all the talk of recession. According to a number of the world's leading economists, we are now living through the second Great Depression. After a brief respite, the world's economies are set to plummet.
As long ago as 1997, British economist Fred Harrison predicted the current crisis. He places the blame on the prevalence of land and property speculation. The scenario painted in The Fred Harrison Blog is not a pretty one, but is one that must be taken seriously. Governments could fall, unemployment could rise dramatically and a depression could ultimately lead to World War III. Unfortunately, governments are not 

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