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Jul 26

J K Rowling brings magic online

Posted by Howie2.0 in world of warcraft , publishing , pottermore , j k rowling , harry potter , ebooks


The days of the "read-only" web are behind us. But that’s fine, because the web has become a 'Disneyland' for digital fans. Not only can we read content, but we can contribute information as well as interact with other people, software and websites across the world.

Most of us are used to clicking tabs and downloading information in a very mediocre way, but there is a website harbouring one of the most famous fantasy series the world has ever seen. Unveiling in October 2011, the official Harry Potter website, Pottermore, will excite fans with an interactive platform that could trump what we have seen already.

J K Rowling's decision
J K Rowling made a genius business decision when she withheld the Harry Potter eBook publishing rights for her very own Pottermore website. This website, is set to offer two things: it is the only place to purchase the eBook formats of the fantasy series (online store), and a place where fans can extend the Potter experience further.

Mar 10

The new Kindle 6" reader from Amazon

Posted by barrmar in Kindle review , Kindle , ebooks , digital books


Amongst great excitement, the new Amazon Kindle arrived today. More and more books are becoming available in a digital format, so I decided that it was time to start reading books electronically rather than on paper. 

Oct 05

My iPad knockoff

Posted by AbortRetryFail in umpc , Touch screen , tablet , ipad , ereader , ebooks , android


May 10

Cool-er E-Reader. I want one

Posted by ShackledMuse in Kindle , interead , ereader , ebooks , cool-er e-reader


Heard of the Cool-Er E-Reader? (the name is a bit unoriginally taken from "cool e-reader,") the first consumer electronics product from Interead. Its been said that

"it's lighter, less expensive ($250), more colorful (it comes in eight colors), and more "open" than the Kindle, accepting a wider variety of file formats (JPEG, PDF, EPUB, TXT, and MP3 file formats.), much like Sony's e-readers do."

Jan 30

Amazon At War With Publisher(s).....

Posted by Toaster in Macmillan , Kindle , ipad , ebooks , DRM , Apple , Amazon


Amazon vs Macmillan

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