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Dec 13

Mobile Phone Hacking

Posted by Bertus in stalking divorce , mobile phone hacking south africa , mobile phone hacking software divorce , mobile phone hacking divorce , interception of voice calls , interception of mobile data , intercepting sms divorce , intercepting email , intercepting bbm divorce , divorce attorney south africa , divorce attorney cape town , divorce attorney and client , divorce and the rica act , cloning a mobile phone , cellphone hacking , cell phone hacking


You hacked my mobile phone until death do us part

Nov 27

Mobile phone hacking in Divorce cases

Posted by Bertus in stalking divorce , mobile phone hacking software divorce , mobile phone hacking divorce , mobile phone adultery , listen to husband's phone calls , intercepting sms divorce , intercepting email , intercepting bbm divorce , infidelity mobile phones , husband cheat hacking phone , hacking wife's cell phone , hacking sms , hacking mxit , divorce attorney cape town , divorce attorney and client , cheaters


An article appeared in the Sunday Times recently of a divorce matter where I appear on behalf of a wife. Her millionaire husband, is at the centre of a criminal investigation over the alleged illegal interception of his estranged wife's private e-mails, SMSes and BlackBerry messages, or BBMs.

The hacking was first suspected when Dr Graham Hefer - a former Natal rugby player - filed divorce proceedings against his wife Denise.

Sep 23

Cell Phone Hacking, Infidelity and Divorce

Posted by Bertus in moble phone hacking software , mobile phone adultery , listen to husband's phone calls , is hacking a cell phone a criminal offense , infidelity mobile phones , infidelity and tagged adultery divorce , husband cheat hacking phone , how to hack mobile , how to hack husband's cellphone , hacking wife's cell phone , hacking sms , hacking mxit , hacking husband's cell phone , divorce hacking mobile phone , divorce attorney south africa , divorce attorney cape town , divorce attornet cape town , divorce and adultery , cheaters , cellphone hacking divorce , cell phone hacking divorce , cel phone hacking , best divorce attorney cape town , affair divorce , adultery


Hacking your spouse's mobile phone is a criminal offence

Sep 18

Domestic Violence can lead to murder

Posted by Bertus in what is domestic violence , protection , police an domestic violence , physical abuse , murder and restraining orders , how to stop domestic violence , how to get a restraining order , how do i get a restraining order , emotional abuse , economic abuse , domestic violence what to do , domestic violence , domestic relationship , divorce attorneys cape town , divorce attorney cape town , divorce , children


Aug 30

Divorce Attorney Cape Town – Abrahams and Gross Inc

Posted by Bertus in unmarried father’s rights , uncontested divorce costs , uncontested divorce , same sex marriages , parenting plans , Parental responsibilities and rights , media law and criminal law , international divorce law , family law , emotional stress , domestic violence matters , divorce mediation , Divorce law is strategy , divorce law , divorce attorney in cape town , divorce attorney cape town , digital rights , Custody (care and contact) of children


Divorce Attorney Cape Town – Abrahams and Gross Inc

Aug 25

Facebook Stalking and Restraining Orders, beware of the Ex!

Posted by Bertus in restraining order stalking , protection order facebook , facebook restraining order , domestic violence facebook , domestic violence act , divorce attorney cape town , delete a friend facebook , de-friend ex girlfriend


Domestic violence and Facebook

I recently acted in a matter wherein I defended a client on a domestic violence charge who “un-friended” an ex-girlfriend on his facebook profile. After informing his ex that he was going to “delete” her as a friend she approached the magistrate’s court in Cape Town and obtained a restraining order against my client.  She worded her affidavit in support of the interim protection order in such a “creative” fashion that the Magistrate assumed that “delete” actually meant something more serious, possibly a threat to her life. In Domestic Violence cases an applicant usually obtains an interim interdict (without the other party being at court) with a return date upon which the Respondent is called upon to give reasons why the interdict should not be made final. The problem with such orders are that any violation of the order may result in a Respondent being arrested by the South African Police. In my client’s opposing affidavit on the return I stated the following:

Jul 25

What is the divorce rate amongst celebrities?

Posted by Bertus in why celebrities divorce , divorce rate celebrities , divorce celebrity , divorce attorney cape town , celebrity divorce lawyers , celebrity divorce lawyer , celebrity divorce attorneys , celebrity divorce attorney , cape town divorce attorney , bertus preller , abrahams and Gross , 2011 celebrities divorce rate


Nearly 50% of Americans divorce at some point of time in their lives, but somehow we always hope the happily-ever after continues from the reel life to real life for our celebrities too. But by celebrity standards, year 2011 already seems to have a reached a nadir.

Jul 23

New Research On Parenting Plans - Children In Divorce

Posted by Bertus in Toddlers , Smith College For Social Work , parenting plans , Marsha Kline Pruett , Legal System , La Trobe University , JoAnne Pedro-Carroll , Jennifer McIntosh , Infants , Encyclopedia Of Early Childhood Development , Divorce News , divorce attorney cape town , divorce and children , custody , Children Of Divorce Intervention Program , children and divorce


New Research Gives Insights into Guidance about Parenting Plans

Jul 12

The Steve Hofmeyr Divorce, how much is the media allowed to say?

Posted by Bertus in steve hofmeyr divorce , section 12 of the divorce act , Protecting the identity of a child in a divorce , newspapers and divorce , divorce south africa , divorce privicy , divorce attorney cape town , divorce and media laws , divorce and media coverage , divorce act , children and the media in divorce , celebrity divorce , bertus preller


Jun 23

Divorce and Children

Posted by Bertus in Separation and divorce , Learn how to help your children cope successfully  , family law attorneys , Family Law Attorney Cape Town , family law attorney , family , Effects of divorce on children , divorce attorney cape town , divorce and kids , divorce and children , Children and separation , children and divorce , bertus preller , abrahams and Gross


The Effects of Divorce on Children

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