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Aug 02

Who monitors Social Media?

Posted by Nasreen in YouTube , Twitter , social mention , social media expert , socail media user , socail media newbie , how sociable , Google , friendfeed , Facebook , digg


As a Social Media User like many others I would be happy to share content, such as information, pictures, and data through a network with similar minded people in order to develop and grow. On the other hand, a Social Media Enthusiast will try to be in as many networking sites as possible to share his content, most of the time the same content.

Apr 13

Get social networking right

Posted by Nasreen in Twitter , Social networks , Facebook , engage , digg , consistent


As the numerous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg continue to grow, it has become increasingly evident that investing in your social networks and sending out the right message can be one of the best ways to promote yourself,your brand or your company.

Feb 24

3 Useless websites

Posted by HomeGrownHoney in websites , digg


Browsing the web in search of new sites I found the following three that make no sense at all.

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