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Aug 30

MTN Bastards

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So my Blackberry Torch packed up. Last night it was all magical and perfect, this morning the screen is a horrible red mess of pixels and other unidentifiable shit. The trademark "Do a battery pull" advice didnt work after 13 tries, so I had no option left but to phone the Alimighty MTN.

May 15

Singstar On Wii

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People all over the world are asking themselves if singstar for Wii will be availabe. The short answer to this question is, I doubt. Singstar is a Playstation game and is not compatible on Wii.

The good news is that Wii has a singstar like game called Guitar Hero 5 Stand Alone. This game is being played by millions of people all over the world and has overtaken singstar in countries like Japan, Unites States, China, United Kingdom and Canada. The game has been voted number one by 17 million people all over the world. The people who voted for this game were allowed to evaluate both Singstar and Guitar Hero 5 Stand Alone.

Click the picture below to check the price or reserve your copy  before its too late.

Apr 08


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Think about this, not many people do, loving caring parents send their children from about the age of 5 or 6 to a government controlled institution, where they will be emotionally, mentally brainwashed, controlled, prevented from curious learning, their individuality will be stamped out, they will spend hours, days, weeks and years, in this uncomfortable place, where if they manage to last out the full 12 years, they will eventually receive the right to further their own education,(if they can afford it) this right comes in the form a a report card dished out by teachers.....And if you dont have this report card you are buggered, you may not futher your education, because you dont qualify, no matterhow intelligent you are, even if you could pass the entrance exams for university, sorry you dont qualify, I want you to really think about this for a while.....The most crucial time for learning to be a creative, thinking adult with individual thoughts and talents is during your childhood, this is a time for unlimited growth and should be a time of freedom and joy.
Who said that the right place to put your child was into a government controlled institution?? Who said?? Do we all just accept this is right, Yes we do, and why???because we are mostly products of the exact same institutions. I want u to remember youself and your child before the horror of school was imposed. All small children that I have seen are curious, they ask so many questions, they want to see, learn, touch, climb....they are natural knowledge seekers, their eyes are bright with curiosity and they love naturally to learn. Now look at the same children just one or two years later, their eyes have become dulled, that love of learning has been stamped out, the dissapointment in the world and themselves is starting to creep in, slowly you are loosing your child, by the 3rd year the transformation is complete, and if your child does not win the teachers approval, which is done, by doing all tasks and homework, being clever, basically being a puppet and enjoying it, then they become labled as a BAD BOY/GIRL...and this labeling is transferred to parents who judge their childs achievements by a little report card, the parents get called in continuously if their child does not conform, we fear that more than anything, the shaking, dissaproving heads of the ones in control, the ones who know better......WHAT THE HELL ARE WE THINKING???can no-one see how wrong wrong wrong this is!!!!!
The History of the school system: The school system was forced by the wealthy industry, forced upon the society, they had their own motivation, and it was not to bring out the best in your child, it was not to create individual people with capacity to change the world! No it was exactly the opposite, school was created to control the masses, to make people dumber, destroy their confidence, make them feel dependant at all times, like someone in a higher position knows better. Schools were developed in order to turn out perfect soldiers (after ww1) and perfect factory workers for the then industrial revolution could not find workers willing to leave their farms and go and work in the horrible factories for a pittance.


Listen to the bell, line up like little soldiers, look and act like we tell u to, learn only what we make u learn.


The seeking of knowledge is natural for all humans, we love it....or we did before it was forced on us.
We only need the basic reading and writing and maths skills in order to self teach, and that does not take 12 years to learn.
What do we learn in the 12 years stolen from us? We are brainwashwed thats all. There is nothing in the school system which cannot be learnt in a very short space of time, so what are we spending 12 years learning?
If you really sit down and think  for a moment u will see how truly truly wrong the school system is destroying our children and our society, it the cause of peer pressure and many other social ills....I know this is a harsh statement, but its time to really start examining our freedoms, its time for governments to relinquish control of our children and of our lives....We are the people and if we do not stand up and fight for a different way, it will never happen and society remain the same.


Imagine a world where children are allowed the freedom to grow up differently, to develop their own individual talents, learn almost anything and not what the governments decide they should learn....imagine how we could change the world in one generation. Imagine not being made to feel small in front of all your peers, imagine, being allowed to actually make independant choices! Imagine the possibilities of knowledge and wisdom, instead of schooling?

Jan 08

Some writing tips

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Oct 29

Miss LaLu's First Blog

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Hello! Guten Tag! Dumelang! Goeie Dag! Ola! Bonjour! Sanibonani! Bom Dia! Shalom! Yow Wah Gwaan! Eyhay! 'Sup...

Now that we got the greetings out of the way, I want to start complaining. I'm very good at it, my mommy has given me several awards including "Child-Of-The-Year" Bottle of Whine.
(For reference please contact: My Mutthhaaaa).
Complaint #1 You want me to what?!
Yes fellow expressionists, you thought right! The dreaded J.O.B. (cue doom music)
But wait before you start thinking I'm just a lazy brat, I have worked, 8am-5pm for just under a year as an au pair. My most recent work was, put simply, AWESOME! I was a Playball Coach which involves movement and sport skills, hours were half day; got school holidays; 65/hour; got to exercise for FREE, (where in the world can you exercise for free now-a-days?). OH and I got to work with kids-I just blended in, even more than some of the kids themselves. I ruled of course...
So here I am attending Couch Potato College, my best subject being 'Quiet! My Foots Sleeping!', and I'm looking for a job...
I only need some money to survive, partying isn't too expensive with the right friends (evil grin ;)  )

So friends lend/give me yours figures in green (will take cash, cheque or EFT)

Much Love...

Oct 07

Digital patents and ideas

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Erik Sherman of yesterday picked up on a patent that was awarded to Facebook that could affect the way Foursquare and other geo-location social apps do business.

To summarize the patent, it involves sharing updates from a mobile device and allocating your geographical position along with it to a social network. Now that is what Foursquare is about and it is also what Facebook Places is about. 

Apr 12

A new new South Africa / Die nuwe nuwe Suid Afrika

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Geliewe mede Suid Afrikaners, ek skryf aan julle namens myself, my vrou en ongebore kind. Ek is nie 'n skrywer , politikus, filosoof of man met baie geld nie. Maar ek het iets om te sê.
 Die afgelope tyd het ons spanning en vrees ervaar wat ons laat terug dink het aan voor die eerste demokratiese verkiesing.  Ons leiers sing liedjies dat hulle ons wil doodskiet, mense word vermoor en daar word gepraat van wraak neem en oorlog.
Die gebeure maak my vreesvol en gespanne, maar meer as enigiets anders maak dit my hartseer.
Ek is teleurgesteld in ons nasie en in myself ook.  Die moord op ET en gesingery van Melema en kie het wragtig die slegste in ons uitgebring as Suid Afrikaners.  Ek kon nie glo toe ek sien hoe wit en swart mekaar takel by ET se moord verhoor nie.  Ek verstaan nie dat daar mense staan met 'n Bybel in die een hand en met die ander hand 'n vuis bal nie.  Julle preek en bid, maar met dieselfde mond verklaar julle oorlog en praat oor wraak!
Moordenaars word as helde toegejuig terwyl kinders saam met hul ouers staan en mense bobejane noem.  Ons tv bekendes en kunstenaars raak ook betrokke deur die "K" woord op die verhoog te sê en die regering aan te val.
En dan wonder ons hoekom leef ons so in vrees en haat, hoekom loop dinge so moeilik, hoekom is daar moord en hierdie rasse spanning? Hoekom?  Die rede is dat ons nog NOOIT deel was van die nuwe Suid Afrika nie.  Ons lewe met hierdie idee dat ons een nasie is ens.  maar by die huis en tussen vriende praat ons net negatief oor ander rasse en ander kulture.  Ek is teleurgesteld in myself dat ek die afgelope tyd eers besef het dat ek 'n verskil kan maak in die land se toekoms.  Die gebeure die afgelope tyd het gebeur vir 'n rede.  Nie om oorlog te maak nie of om wraak te neem nie, ook nie om die regering aan te val nie.  Dit het gebeur (dit mag snaaks klink) om ons nader aan mekaar te bring.  Ons moet weereens besef hoe belangrik dit is om ons naaste (jou buurman, plaaswerker, petroljoggie ens.) lief te hê en te respekteer soos ons wil hê ander moet ons hanteer en respekteer.  Sonder respek en liefde gaan hierdie land nie voortbestaan nie.  Dit klink soos een groot "cliche", maar dink so daaroor... wat sou die gevolg wees as by ET se moordverhoor wit en swart mekaar met respek behandel het?  Wat sou gebeur het as een van die AWB leiers sy hand uitgesteek het, die swart mense gegroet het en hulle gevra het om saam met hulle nie ET toe te juig nie, nie die moordenaars toe te juig nie, maar om almal saam te bid vir ons land?  Wat sou gebeur het as hulle besluit het dat wit en swart saam ons lands lied sou sing?  Ons sou die wêreld aanraak, mense sou na ons land toe stroom om hierdie wonderlike nasie te beleef, dit sou die hele land inspireer het!!
Hoekom sien ons altyd alles as 'n rede om te baklei en eerder as om vrede te maak nie?
Ek vra dus vir Suid Afrika om nou te begin om 'n nuwe Suid Afrika te skep, begin by jou huis deur jou kinders reg te leer, begin jou buurman groet en begin mense aanvaar soos hulle is.  Hanteer almal met respek en probeer die beter een wees.  Die beste en enigste manier om ander te beiinvloed is en was nog altyd gewees om 'n voorbeeld te stel.  Dws ons kan nie kyk na ons leiers of politici om ons die weg te wys nie, ook nie na die media sterre of "heroes" nie.  Ons moet self begin om die held (hero) te wees vir ander, vir jou kinders, jou vrou en jou medemens.  Gebruik elke situasie om vrede en liefde te promofeer, moet nie dat ons geleenthede mis nie.
Ek is jammer Suid Afrika dat ek so laat begin het om 'n beter landsburger te wees, moet dit nie teen my hou nie, maar ek vra dat julle my sal help deur ook nou te begin julle land te dien.  Ons is Suid Afrika, nie die ANC, AWB of ander partye nie.  Moet nie toelaat dat 'n party jou bind nie, moet nie beiinvloed word deur hul opsweepery of propaganda nie, jy is jou eie mens en jy weet wat reg is.  Gee liefde en jy sal liefde ontvang.  Komaan mense, asseblief, maak my trots op julle.  Kom ons wys die wêreld watter pragtige mense ons is en hoe ons 'n nuwe Suid Afrika bou vir ons kinders.  Ek gaan nou in my bakkie klim en vol diesel maak, en as ek by die petrolstasie kom gaan ek my BESTE probeer om die persoon wat my help te laat lag! Net omdat ek kan.  Onthou ons is die uitverkore volk, kom ons gedra onsself so, ek is lief vir julle almal!!

Feb 03

Divorce in an online world - the influence of social networks in South Africa

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Poking someone other than your spouse, on Facebook, may be grounds for divorce.

That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but more and more evidence from the popular social networking site is being used in divorce cases.

In fact, 1 in 5 divorce cases now cite inappropriate actions on Facebook as grounds for separating, in the UK. Also at eDivorce, South Africa's largest Online Internet Divorce Service more and more people are mentioning some sort of conduct by their spouses on social networking sites like facebook and Mxit as reasons for seperation.

Social networking has grown  in popularity over the years and can be regarded as the new singles bar equivalent for relationship issues, instead of being used to network and reconnect with friends, family, and co-workers, it has become another avenue for extramarital affairs.

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