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Jul 26


Posted by Pumelela Nqelenga in Twitter , trust fund , Trevor Noah , julius malema , ifyoupaidmalemaenough , corruption , city press , chuck norris

Pumelela Nqelenga

Apr 20

Because my Granny said NO

Posted by Pumelela Nqelenga in Twitter , thabo mbeki , tenderpreneurship , south africa , social network , social media , mxit , Jacob Zuma , helen zille , Facebook , Election , corruption , blog , 2011

Pumelela Nqelenga

So my granma decided to give me a ring the other day, only to tell me to vote on the upcoming elections. I told her that I was planning to vote and that as a sign of my commitment to the elections, I am writing a blog about the importance of political parties to start using digital...

“My baby, please stop there. I have no clue of what you are talking about and I’m missing my favourite soapie now. Just vote and make sure you don’t vote for corruption”, she interrupted.
She put the phone down only to leave me in shock of the realisation that my own granma is starting to be critical about her vote.
It was only a few years ago that my granma refused to believe there was no corruption in this country and even when I was winning the argument on corruption she would end off saying, “the apartheid government did it, why can’t we?”.
I hope you can see the impact of that phone call for me. Something shifted. I did not understand it at that time but something was not the same.
This then lead me to think more about the next coming elections.
In my reflection I saw that these elections are not about big names or big parties; instead they are about me and my community.
We are voting for our neighbours and our local personalities, people whom we see in the shops, at church or at the local hospital.
When I started to look at it this way, I was shocked at how corruption was so close to me. It was not in some conference room in Luthuli house but just across the street. Just  five minutes away I could confront it and say no to it.
So why has it taken me so long to realise the close proximity of corruption?
Well it is simple. I have debated with the likes of Helen Zille, Thabo Mbeki, Julius Malema even said a rude word or two to Jacob Zuma in the comfort of my living room staring at the television screen. Mind you, I won every debate.
Seriously though, television, radio and newspapers were the only way I could gain information about what was going on in my country. I could not really discuss my issues with the Vavi’s and the Nzimande’s. I was given information and I could do nothing more but vote and hope something would change.
Now it is easier. I have social media that can help me get personal access to the big names and start debating with officials.
In fact, I propose that all public officials display their Twitter, Facebook, Mxit and Blog accounts on every poster so that we can start chatting. Start a community conversation.
It may have been eighteen years too late but my granma has finally started to fight corruption.
Why can we not allow social media to makes us more socially active as citizens and help fight corruption?
Instead of sending pictures via Mxit about your new manicure or your new ride, why not send pictures of leaking taps or broken windows in public schools to local municipality officials?
It takes less than 140 characters on Twitter to answer my question on corruption and tenderpreneurship. Surely someone can answer me.
I say no corruption and social media has the potential to empower me to say “NO” loud and proud.
Jul 22

Is the ANC on a witch hunt?

Posted by The Organ Harvester in south africa , Siphiwe Nyanda , SAA , Khaya Ngqula , Government , corruption , ANC , Abuse of office

The Organ Harvester

Announced this week, former SAA CEO, Khaya "Private Helicopter" "Home in the South of France" Ngqula was asked to repay about R30 million back to the company. This figure was based on what SAA have deemed unauthorised expenditure by Ngqula during his tenure as CEO. These include agreeing to expenditure beyond his regulatory capacity limit, purchasing hospitality around several stadiums and off course free flights for friends and family. SAA want it back.

Jul 02

Selebi is found to be corrupt - of low moral character

Posted by sgb in legal , corruption


Has justice finally been served?

I still have the Christian upbringing that says that you do not wish ill on others, but I cannot be other than pleased that the court has found Jackie Selebi guilty of corruption.

May 05

SA Politics Explained

Posted by powachair in Zooms , winnie , toilets , special needs , Showerhead , satirical , satire , political satire , political humour , Mamparra , malema , julius , Julicious , joke , Jakes , humour , humor , housing , Government , funny , Freedom of Expression , fraud , disease , corruption , challenged


SA Politics Explained

FEUDALISM: You have two cows. Your lord takes some of the milk.

Apr 08

How to make a huge amount of money, in a few easy steps

Posted by Dissol in World Bank Loan , eskom , corruption , ANC

  1. Win elections to run a country (OK, maybe that is not such an easy step...)
  2. Ensure that the electrical power supplier is state run / owned.
  3. Refuse, consistently to invest in new power stations or infrastucture.  Even though the power company asks consistently to do so.
  4. Allow the country to experience a few black outs, so the population understands what it feels like to not have enough electricity for needs.
  5. Buy a large (25%) share in a company who could benefit from specific building programmes aimed at power generation.
  6. Leave the investment so late, and only come up with one plan to fix the problem.
  7. Make sure that the company mentioned in (5) is ideally positioned to be one of the major beneficiaries of the only plan.
  8. Apply to the World Bank for a huge loan to pay for the only plan being tabled.
  9. Explain to everyone (the taxpayers who will have to pay off this loan, and the World Bank making the loan) that without investment in this plan the country will not be able to supply needs (see point 4).
  10. Ignore any issues over pollution.
  11. Pocket money, and laugh all the way to (your own) bank.

By the way, this would also ensure that you have so much more money thanany other political party, as soon as you complete it, you can go back to point 1 and repeat, with future electrical production, or turnyour eyes to other essential resources, like water...  The possibilities are endless... 

Now, who wants to join me to work out which country we should contest the elections of??

Jan 25

Lyttleton Police smell fishy

Posted by The Source in police , lyttleton , corruption

The Source

Big news today came from the peaceful suburb or Lyttleton in Centurion.  Not that peaceful taking into account that this story starts with a man being hi-jacked and shot in front of his house.

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