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May 10

The right to copy

Posted by Khatija in south africa , riaa , reinhardt buys , peer to peer , p2p , MWeb , legal theory , Law , ISP , Internet Solutions , internet service provider , Infringement , file sharing , entertainment industry , electronic frontier foundation , eff , download , dawnell leadbetter , copyright act 1978 , copyright , buys inc , America


Do you think twice before you download music? Do you feel like a criminal when you share movies online? Well...I know I don’t but the point is that maybe I should.

Oct 27

Of Satire, Copyrights, and Uptight Bastards

Posted by DevilTrigger in series , satire , sailor moon , parody , megami33 , Infringement , copyright , abridged


Abridged series. For those who aren't Anime fans, Abridged Series are fan based parodies of an anime series. Basically, they take the original show, edit the episodes to be somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes long, and then dub their own voices over them and pretty much take the piss out of the series and throw in as much pop culture jokes and references as possible. The most famous of all would be the one started by a guy named LittleKuriboh and his Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged series, but then a whole host of others followed, the best of which are the ones based on Naruto, DrangonballZ and Sailor Moon. They are extremely mind numbing fun to watch in spare time, and for the past week or so I have been indulging in Sailor Moon Abridged. Until today that was, when I logged onto the creators Youtube channel and saw this:

Alert icon

"Megami33 has been terminated because we repeatedly received third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted."

Megami33 is the creator of the aforementioned Sailor Moon abridged series.Upon trying to watch her videos, I got a similar message saying they had been removed for copyright infringement reasons. Gone, torn down. All that crazy, stupid, totally light hearted entertainment taken down because somewhere out there are a bunch of rich pigs who are trying to make sure not a single soul tarnishes what they own the rights to. The same thing happened to LittleKuriboh who I mentioned above. So, where do we draw the line between parody and copyright infringement? Last time I checked, we were allowed to take the piss out of stuff right? Right??? Or are these production companies and Youtube just a bunch of tight asses who dont know how to laugh at themselves? I love comedy, especially parody and satire, and it hurts me to think that there are peopleout there  who will actually hunt you down for just trying to have a little fun with your work. It'd be a different issue if they were selling the parodies, but the people who make these abridged series arent selling their work to us, they're uploading them for free viewing all for fun. It's actually a lot of hard work to create this stuff, and it's purely just there for nothing more than simple pleasure.

But no, simple pleasure is against the law according to The Man.

Well you know what Man? I downloaded a few of those parody vids, and I'm keeping em, along with all the other free shit I've downloaded off the web for years, so screw you. The piracy theme had been touched on very well  in a post tally made, but after I witnessed the horror of Megami33's channel being pulled down today, I had to throw my 2c in. Lets hope freedom of speech and common sense will prevail one day.
Oct 01

What is digital plagiarism?

Posted by barrmar in What is plagiarism? , plagiarism , penalties for plagiarism , copyright


"Noun: Plagiarism 

Aug 01

The Google Book Settlement and the South African Publishing Industry

Posted by Bertus in U.S. copyright interest , publishing , GOOGLE BOOK SETTLEMENT A SOUTH AFRICAN PERSPECTIVE , Google Book Settlement , Google , foreign rights holders , copyright , Cape Town Book Fair , books



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