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May 04

"No one cares about your ideas."

Posted by Mobile Kugel in the social network , south africa , secret , richard cheary , rhodes university , paranoid , online business , intellectual property , inspired , ideas , grahamstown , Google , free market , dirk le roux , competition , brett st clair , afrozaar

Mobile Kugel

I am part of a small online business in Grahamstown. My partner and I found a problem and created a solution. Lucky for us the site took off and has been a success.

Aug 30

Win a zombie. No seriously, win a zombie.

Posted by riiaan in Xbox , Win a zombie , Games , competition


Capcom is the king of hype. When they release a game, they make sure the world knows about it – tournaments in Vegas, celebrities, competitions, etc. With Dead Rising 2 coming out soon it is no different.

Jun 21

Have you entered on-line for your share of a million?

Posted by sgb in Stock market , JSE , competition


Have you entered the (free) on-line share trading competition?

May 25

Try your luck on the Stock Market: for free, and win R100 000.

Posted by sgb in online trading , JSE , competition


Do you think you can guess what is happening to the stock market? Here is your chance to find out - for free!! And to win R100k in the process.

In the last two years the stock market has fluctuated drastically. The All Share Index (ALSI) - an 'average' figure of the level of the market hit 33000, dropped to about 17000, went up to 29000 and back down to 26000. With lots of ups and downs on the way. Similarly the currency values have gone all over: It has shot up to over R11 to the dollar, down to about R7.00, and is currently about R7.80.

May 20

Awesome KIA Blogger Competition

Posted by thenack in sony , prizes , KIA EXperience , Games , fifa world cup , Facebook , competition , bloggers


KIASouth Africa is launching a very exciting competition, well exciting if you are a blogger. Amazing prizes and the chance to have an exclusive KIA experience. Here is how it works:

Apr 15

The Internet Explorer 8 Adventure.

Posted by EgbertFly in story , internet explorer , IE8 , competition , 8



Oct 19

Stinky, the BlackBerry and the hunt for the Orange Fish

Posted by Kitten in competition

Stinky the Cat could not believe his luck. A routine poker game in the shadier part of town had once again turned ugly. He should have known that betting with live mice was bound to cause problems. While Os had lost a paw and Buffy some whiskers, he had landed himself one very sweet piece of BlackBerry.   
He sprawled out on his back, the BlackBerry resting easily on the curve of his wide tummy. It felt good there and somehow right, like a predetermined destiny had now been fulfilled. He bounced it up and down a few times and started purring. It was even better than his last catnip high.  
Now, unbeknown to most, Stinky was not just a pretty face with an irresistible kink in his tail. He was also technologically-minded and wasted no time in activating the handy GPS function. His target was of course the rare striped Orange Fish – quite the delicacy in some cat circles. As he pawed in the last known coordinates of the slippery little sucker, an unmistakable quiver of excitement flurried through him. Could it really be as easy as this? If he found one he would surely become the legend of all time. They would name cat food after him or offer him a lucrative cartoon deal like Garfield. The possibilities were endless.
The sleek device wasted no time in honing in on the target and Stinky feasted well that night, safe in the knowledge that he would go down in history.       

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