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Apr 06

Is Fifa now governing religion as well?

Posted by The Source in youth , sport , islam , iran , FIFA , christian

The Source

According to the following article on, Iran's girls football team has been kicked out of the Youth Olympic Games because FIFA rules prevent players wearing an Islamic head scarf.


Note that in principle I am not a supporter of anything Fifa does at all.  I am also not a Muslim, in fact I am a Christian and even I can see the problem with this.

Across the globe Fifa is waving around this message that football brings people together.  It is a game for the world to enjoy and it spreads a message of peace.  So how is kicking a team out of the tournament based on them wearing Islamic head scarves supporting this ideal they are trying to promote?

Their(FIFA’s) rules state: "basic compulsory equipment must not have any political, religious or personal statements.”

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