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Sep 18

Domestic Violence can lead to murder

Posted by Bertus in what is domestic violence , protection , police an domestic violence , physical abuse , murder and restraining orders , how to stop domestic violence , how to get a restraining order , how do i get a restraining order , emotional abuse , economic abuse , domestic violence what to do , domestic violence , domestic relationship , divorce attorneys cape town , divorce attorney cape town , divorce , children


Jun 22

Nowadays...Children are getting out of control!!

Posted by Taufeeq in parents , girls , Control , children


Okay, it's not because i have children that are getting out of control.. I created this blog because I cannot find a perfect women for myself.

May 27

Does Disability Mean Inability?

Posted by DigitalAmazon in Zambia , technology , screen reader software , organisation , Mary , initiative , HIV positive , Ford Escape , drive , Disability , computers , Communication , children , Chapo , Car , businesses , Braille displays , braille , blind , ARV's , Anthony Riccobono


Imagine that you are a middle aged woman living in a township called Kamwala in Zambia. You are HIV positive, widowed and yet you have managed to rise above the odds and raise two healthy children aged ten and sixteen. You are the breadwinner and everyday you ensure that your children are well fed and taken care of. You grew up having big dreams just like anyone else. Now those dreams are not as vivid as they used to be because everyday your daughter has to give you your ARV’s and you need to use a walking stick, not because you are weak but because you have gone blind.

May 20

Facebook could save your kids...well if you're American

Posted by archived_user in World Vision , sexual exploitation , Facebook , children


Well moms and dads, you can rest easy tonight. Facebook has announced that they will commence scanning for child pornography and images of missing children. They will use photo “fingerprint” technology to search for pictures that match up with the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

May 05

Social networks that are children friendly

Posted by Zircon in social network , parental control , Facebook , children


It is every parent's concern (well, should be) as to where their kids play online and what they do.  To accommodate this, one will find various parental control programs such as CyberPatrol, etc ...

It just so happens, that kids want to be part of peer groups and be in with the friends and so they will explore and play online, sometimes where they are not really permitted to.

Facebook has an age restriction of 13, and according to their stats, about 20 000 kids, 13 years and younger, try to sneak their way onto facebook.  Even if your child is older than 13, you as a parent can still keep an eye on their online activities, here is a link with some valuable advice and information -

To accommodate this need, a few companies went and designed 'safe' social network areas, where these kids can go to play and learn.  They have all the traditional 'bells-and-whistels' we are used to with the added parental oversight.

To see who these companies are and to read more about them, you are welcome to follow this link - ...

Hope the info is of some assistance to yous.

Take care,


Oct 03

Paternity Tests - Can a court force DNA testing to prove paternity?

Posted by Bertus in unmarried father , sexual intercourse , prove paternity , family law , dna testing , divorce attorney , children , blood or DNA , bertus preller , adultery , abrahams and Gross


The case of LB v YD 2009 (5) SA 463 (T)

Sep 20

Where are the kids? Ask Google.

Posted by salambander in ontd , internet , Google , children , advertising


Once upon a time, some children were in dire need of being watched. And behold! A woman flew into their street with a magic umbrella, and offered herself as their nanny.

Jun 18

Maintenance applications in the maintenance court

Posted by Bertus in maintenance claims , maintenance claim , Maintenance Act 99 of 1998 , Maintenance Act , maintenance , magistrate court , divorces , divorce , children maintenance , children , child support


Maintenance applications in the maintenance court

May 17

Put bad parents on a leash

Posted by ShackledMuse in Security , parents , parenting , morals , family , children , abuse


I'm surrounded by bad parents. Tis true. The guy next door constantly shouts and screams and bangs stuff. I'm not sure what he's throwing around, but I sure hope its not his wife or child. Or else he should start praying to whoever it is prays too that I dont barge in there one day and give him a piece of my mind. He's smaller than me anyway, and I dont scare easily of little men going around with inferiority complexes. Whenever he starts throwing his toys out the cot, he's toddler cant handle it and cries uncontrollably, which makes the dad scream and shout more. Really now. I found him on the fire escape one day crying his eyes out because dad was raging again and mom was the victim. Took me to get cooldrink and cups and go sit with him on the stairs until he was calm again.

Parenthood should come with a license. If you don't pass, no children for you. You are not allowed to drive a car without a driver's license, but children? Ah lets just see how many we can make while we wait to grow up and mature into sensible adults. Isn't it ironic that there's a 18yr age limit on buying porn or alcohol, but a 14 yr old can get an abortion without parental consent.

No, this is not a rant about underaged mothers and promiscious teens. Its about parents. Bad grown up parents who dont have the first clue as to how to raise children. I'm not a mother, I don't have children and I dont think I'd be ready to have children any time soon, thus I'm no expert when it comes to child care. However, common sense tells me certain things are essential for a child's wellbeing. Love, a safe environment to grow up in, moral guidance and instruction. Just to name a few. I might not have a clue what I'd be doing, but I'd teach my children right from wrong, I'd love them and make sure they feel safe at home. Parents don't have to be abusive either to be bad parents. I sat at wimpy the other day, enjoying a coffee. I go there sometimes to write when the walls are crushing in on me. A  mother took her son to wimpy. All good and well, he had a nice decent wimpy meal and milkshake. Can't be that bad, right? They were there for about an hour, and during that time she didnt say one word to him. He just sat there, eating his burger and chips slowly, never looked up. Mommy sat half with her back to him the entire time, staring in the opposite direction.

Like I said, I'm no expert. Not at all. I'm aware of the fact that nobody really knows what to do or where to start once you get to be someone's mom or dad. But come on. Common sense cant just fly out the window the moment we become parents?

Jan 05

Kids abandoned after drug bust

Posted by tallulah in children


This isn't the headline that the story is going under elsewhere on the Net. Elsewhere on the Net it's a story about how a brave 4-year-old helped police arrest her drug-dealing parents.

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