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Oct 20

Capitalism is Broken

Posted by Jawellnofine in progress , political , opinion , life is fair , ideals , financial , feel-good lobbyist , economical , Democracy , change



Feb 11

We need a Revolution - but the revolutionaries are sleeping

Posted by Paralyzer in south africa , Revolution , Mubarak , Egypt , change , apathy , anc youth league


2011 is fast becoming the year of the people’s revolution, from Tunisia to South Sudan and now Egypt stands at the brink of yet another peoples revolution or another aborted peoples revolution that will only lead to backroom politicking that leaves old frogs to die in power like in Zimbabwe. Only time will tell what the outcome will be but the Egyptian people have my support for its a right of any man to choose his country’s government. A right as South Africans we should feel very strongly about given our history yet aside from the odd twitter and facebook message we as South Africans seem to be very quiet on matters of principle.

Apr 06

Pies for the mind

Posted by EgbertFly in warming , south africa , scrabble , global , climate , change



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