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Mar 02

Cellular-Marketing 2.0-The Uncharted Territory

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The conception of the cellphone has changed the way information is exchanged between people. Information has always been the cornerstone of civilization.
Information has the ability to speed up progress in any endeavor that you partake in as long as the information is pertinent to your course.

Information is life's most heavily traded commodity more than money itself. before you can even make the decision to purchase you must be well informed. Even education is the accumulation of information in the hopes of attaining a better life. In 2008 there were 45,000,000 cellphone users in the country
The World Factbook accessed in September 2008. .

As 1st generation cellphone products become obsolete and more GPRS/EDGE/3G, Colour screen and true tone products become readily accessible and flood the market due to low prices and networking applications so also come the opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs to reap the rewards of this uncharted territory. The only commodity being traded on cellphones at this point in time is music and graphic content, beyond that it is still a mystery.

Marketers have not yet fully grasped the true power of cellular and its convergence to cross populate different market and sectors. They neither have the technical or intellectual knowhow to exploit the cellular realm to its full potential. Their efforts are naive and do not pertain to the cornerstone of civilization which is information. Even them themselves are not aware of fully informed about the true power of cellular.

There is no transparency in cellular transactions and payout times are stretched way beyond most companies time frames for them to see any actual profits in real time. Subscription services charge ridiculous fees for useless content. Maybe we just a consumer base of dancers and voyeurs or the only people these so called content providers can target is innocent kids who want the latest fad in music or graphics.

Are we to starve sane minded people of healthy content that will assist them in making better decisions in attaining the life they desire...

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