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Aug 01

Hamsters are not so smart...

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Dec 02

Code is cash

Posted by tally in technology , money , Mathematics , ideas , currency , cash , bitcoin


Is this a gimmick or the next world currency?

Jul 02


Posted by thenack in thenack , motivation , money , life , income , cash , career


Whether you believe it or not, positive attitude is a significant factor in your career, life and happiness. Many problems you experience in business and personal achievement can be traced back to ineffective thinking habits! Change it. You can learn to manage your thought habits and directly affect your level of achievement.

Jun 24

Adgator to Monetize your Blog

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Afrigator, South Africa, and Africa's, main blog agitator thingy, started a unique concept a few years ago. This was pay per view advertising aimed at the blogging community. Yep, you, me, us, the bloggers.
So I made a few bucks every month from Adgator. What was nice about it is the fact that it was consistant each month. You get paid per view, no tricks, thats it. So if you can get you blog views up you make more money. Period. But then....Adgator when through some growing pains and I stopped using them. But as of late, they seem to have sorted out all the teething problems and have some of the biggest blogs in South Africa using them.
Unfortunately for you it is no longer free to join adgator ( yeah, you should have listened when I told you about it back then), as they only want serious bloggers. But I used to make a R100 a month back then, so you should easilly make more than that now making the joining fee woth it.
check out the new Adgator

Jun 14

An electronic wallet for retail convenience?

Posted by sgb in Electronic wallet , Electronic money , EFT , credit card , Convenience , cellphone , cash


What would you pay to look cool? Is an electronic wallet an acceptable measure of retail convenience?

Jun 04

Longterm Income

Posted by thenack in passive income , money , cash


Hi There

May 11

Not Having Money Blows

Posted by thenack in online , money , mlm , marketing , june 2010 , FIFA , cash


They say no matter how big your sallary is, you always spend about 10% more than you can afford. So you are always stressed. All of us have probably heard of Robert Quisakis book, rich dad Poor dad, and many others on the topic. They basically all have the same message. You need a second income, preferably passive. The point is not to have more money, but to have better quality of life. Jy check?

So you have many of these things to try, MLMs (multi level markeing), pyramid scemes, the stock exchange....all of which require significant cash and time investments. For these reasons internet versions are so popular. Don't be fooled, there are some people that are filthy stinking rich from internet bussiness. It is possible, but not as easy as they would have you think.

I have tried many of these. But I tried all the free or cheap ones. The best one I have found so far, is giving me the most success and is quite special.
It is a South African company, but going global in June 2010. It is small and still growing very quickly. So know is the best time to join.
It is cheap, easy and sustainable.
It is risk free, money back if no success.

People always scoff at these things, as jy te skaam is dan los jy dit want hulle spot jou. I pushed through and am starting to make money, HA!


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