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Sep 16

Youtube allows you to edit videos

Posted by Nasreen in YouTube , white , picnik , jason toff , footage , final cut pro , filters , edit video , cartoon , black , adobe premiere


Tired of using complicated software and applications to edit your videos for Youtube?  Now there’s a new way to edit your videos fast and efficiently. Youtube has created a video edit feature  that allows users to stabilize, rotate, and spice up your clips directly on the site without needing to re-upload footage.

Jun 01

Paint em red 2.

Posted by archived_user in vodacom red , vodacom facebook , cartoon


May 25

Wont all the dumb South Africans just go away? (That includes The Nack and Language Girl...)

Posted by ShackledMuse in Zapiro , world cup , south african , south africa , islam , governent , Eugene , cartoon , 2010


People amaze me. I can sit in public places for hours and just observe those around me. The way they walk, talk, dress. I like to go to the any place that serves a decent coffee and just... watch. And listen. To those coming and going, to the converstations all around me.

We like animals, especially puppies and kittens, so going to a pet shop usually pops up in our weekend activities. Pet shops are mostly located at malls, so we spend some time over the weekends just strolling around any one of the many malls in the vicinity. Lots and lots of people in malls.

DO you know what makes me proud, especially these past couple of weeks?

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