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Aug 16

Nokia Maps: @PigSpotter’s got competition

Posted by Mobile Kugel in turn by turn navigation , traffic updates , tom tom , Symbian , south africa , Smartphone , pigspotter , nokia maps , navteq , heat mapping , google maps , Google , garman , crowdsource , cape town , android , 3D

Mobile Kugel

Nokia Maps may just be the answer for South Africans who feel like they spend a substantial chunk of their days in traffic.

May 24

Toilet elections need fresh air

Posted by Pumelela Nqelenga in toilet election , south africa , politics , pierre de vos , media , gill moodie , da , cape town , ANC , 2011 election

Pumelela Nqelenga

Sep 08

An Update On the Restless Work situation...

Posted by OS GIKEN in Workforce Transition , R&D , cape town


I'm not sure how long it’s been since I let known what might happen to me in the months to come. Well...since then, I've been pulled onto a project that will last at least until the end of 2011, and I'll have to be in JHB for this at least 2 times a week. And then, the restructuring took place, and people were placed in positions, if there is one position and 5 people match that position, all 5 of them will now be in that position, but none of them will know who's job it is until June 2011.

I'm in an R&D position with just one other person, whose identity is still unknown to me. I'm still waiting on my new boss to contact me, but he has spoken to my previous boss about talking to his new "team" soon.

So it seems, we are planning to start looking for jobs in Cape Town from November onwards as this one here has run its course and the company just didn't live up to the promises it made to get me(us) here.

OS over and out, it’s been some time that we were in this mess thought, exactly a year! Many people around me has left for new ventures, some have moved to other departments, my office is quiet, our corridor is empty, the kitchen only has 2 or 3 people in it, no one laughs anymore, they look at me funny if I'm laughing or enjoying my time here! It’s a sad case but I think its good for me and my family!

May 28

After effect of the SATAWU harbour strike

Posted by sgb in Shipwrecks , humour , cape town


Thank goodness the SATAWU strike is over -

May 26

To live in a Smart City

Posted by sgb in Smart City , Digital City , cape town


Imagine before leaving for work in the morning on your bicycle you tap a key on your watch and it tells you the weather and traffic on route....

.. and on the way to work (you live in Cape Town by the way) your watch beeps and glancing down you see there has been a crash ahead of you and your watch (which has built in GPS) tells you that the best remedy is to turn right at the next off ramp (Rhodes Memorial) and to go down to Obs Station where the next train is due in exactly 8 minutes . . . But hold on. The technology to do all that is here...

Apr 16

Today I saw the future! And it looks good!

Posted by Dissol in transport , technology , IRT , cape town


wheelchair signNow possibly some people will not understand why I have posted this in the digital section.  Well, I think it could go in all the sections, but possibly people here will be interested in how the system uses digital technology to ensure accessibility to all.

Dec 04

Bafana FTW

Posted by Paralyzer in cape town


Ja the day has finaly arrived, in less than 6 hours we will know if we are going to have an easy group or a tough one come June 11 2010. The last stage before the big event is happening today and im ever so optimistic.Why? well the fact that we are actually pulling it off,there were lot of naysayers and negativity (espicially towards bafana) but the spirit and hysteria of the World Cup is mounting. If you were watching morning live this morning ,you would have noticed it too.The stadia's are up, the crowds are gathering and the media coverage is growing (anyone else saw the CNN special yesterday?)

Hopefully Bafana,who performed not so badly in the tournament of champions aka CONFED, will rise to this occassion like the Boks did in 95 and like the Phil Masinga class of 96.On both occassions no one really thought we had the muscles to go all the way, against popular opinion we did and I believe we have a potential to do the same next year.Yes I'm an eternal optimist.

So come 7pm tonight billions and billions of people will be watching, as South Africa shines once again.I believe we are going to host a great draw and the world will catch another glimpse of the more optimistic and happy Mzansi.I can honestly say its a great day to be a South African.An African,like Khoza "ke nako" let's celebrate Africa's humanity,our hope the international world (and some in our communities) start doing that too.

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