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Jun 04

AIDS: The GAY Plague

Posted by thenack in WTF , weird , sex , Science , man on man , man on horse , homophobic , gay , aids


I am not for Gay,
I am for science education,

I am not for man on horse sex as an explanation in the 3rd grade science class...gee this is so weird.

man on man, man on women, threesome, man on horse ???????

Well actually the poster teaches that you cn get aids only whith 3-way sex and man on man sex, not with man on women sex or man on horse sex, these two are OK, the other two are taboo.

Be Motivated Today

Well now you know whats safe in sex right now, C'ya


Jun 03

Top 5 Bizarre Toys

Posted by thenack in WTF , vibrator , top 5 weird toys , top 5 , thenack , hitler , funny , dol


In at nr 5

The WII fit horse pregnacy ..... thing, "dady can I have a pony" "Yes dear, but first you will have to learn to feed it, and brush it and check if she's pregnant. K?"

At nr 4

The WTF scary troll centipede ....I don't even know what to call this but if your child wants one I think you should worry...

At nr 3

Not for kids, for dogs, but the doggy hump sex toy is, well, what it is. Something killer can hump instead of your motherinlaws leg. I don't get why it resembles a four legged duck though? Make it fluffy....

At nr 2

Wait for it, wait for it, waaaait, jip you saw it didn't you? Puppy dolls and barby dolls and fluffy bunnies and a VIBRATOR? WTF stamp of approval right there.

and the winner at nr 1

Action figure of the century, if you are a right wing mass murdering Jew hating leader of the Nazis, the almost life sized Hitler Doll. Yeees it is a Hitler doll. ???????? double WTF with pepper gas on top.

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May 13

WTF brought to you by Gmail

Posted by riiaan in WTF , Gmail


WTF brought to you by Gmail

Going through my email I saw that instead of displaying an advert as usual, Gmail displayed a tip:

May 12

Say NO to Clowns, here is why...

Posted by thenack in WTF , weird , thenack , funny , evil clowns


Why I Fear Clowns


Who do they think their fooling? CLowns? I’m telling you now, clowns are bad news. Let’s take a look at why I say so:

Apr 08


Posted by thenack in zombie , WTF , weird , very weird , twins , teen , sexy , pictures , nude , nerdy , kaal , jokes , girls , funny , blonde


After all the serious blogs about Nazi, mudering, death mongering, moron julius malema, I thought it was time to space out a little. I use that word because, this is the the nerdy weird post. cumminatcha

All the nerd fantasies in one picture, teen lesibain blonde twin elves, that shit is sooooo hot

What to do in case of ZOMBIES, yeay. Here is the pictorial guide.

The following images are here on pure WTF value, because really.....?

Underware model shoot

This next one I simply call: "Kaal donkielong girl taking a dump in the dryer" What else?

And finally, unicorn meat in a can. Remeber to tell your kids that the unicorns aren't killed, we just cut a leg of each one to make this delicious nutritious snack. Coming soon, "Barbie Milk"

Oct 23

Joke with a spoon

Posted by thenack in WTF , thenack , sppon , realy funny , LOL , LMAO , joke , hilarious , funny


Ok I got this in my e-mail, but I thoght it was pretty funny so here goes.