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Aug 30

Viral adverts: special breed of awesome

Posted by Howie2.0 in viral adverts , tequila , social media , single ladies , online videos , marketing campaigns , interactive , heineken , entertainment , campaigns , branding , amy allais , advertising


I’m sure everyone has seen at least one marketing campaign that has gone viral, spread like wild-fire across social networking sites and other channels by the web 2.0’s baby – sharing.

Apr 09


Posted by Phoenix Benedict in Vodacom , Virgin , Edgars , branding , audio branding

Phoenix Benedict

Thinking Red

Passion. Power. Anger. Love.
Not Vodacom.

Wimpy. Cell C (Pre-2010). Kit Kat.
Not Vodacom.

Coca Cola. Virgin. ETV. Edgars. Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Not Vodacom.

Vodacom has suddenly been working very very hard at convincing Africa that they are now red (their new green?), using subscribers' money and all manners of Pollock splash-painting techniques.

The new Vodacom audio brand is weaker than ever before. If the new colour is RED then the audio branding had to support and enhance the new colour with fast-paced, energetic, richly resonant. The new audio brand is barely audible, nevermind memorable.

With all that money Vodacom is expected to deliver above par each time when it comes to branding and audio branding. I, for one, expected much more congruency and am deeply disappointed.

Nov 17

Nashua Mobile: Customer Service not always on the ball.

Posted by Phoenix Benedict in Nashua Mobile , Customer service , credit control , credit bureau , cellphone , branding

Phoenix Benedict

I have been a loyal and normally impressed client of Nashua Mobile for the past two years. With the exception of the minor glitch here and there Nashua Mobile's service has always been good.

Nov 09

Each School has its own (((Sound)))

Posted by Phoenix Benedict in school , music , branding , audio branding , audio

Phoenix Benedict

Oct 29

Audio Branding CNN's Limitless Borders

Posted by Phoenix Benedict in voice and identity , music branding , CNN , branding

Phoenix Benedict

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