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Aug 31

I'm going to SXSW, Thanks NokiaSA & any kitty lovers that downloaded my app

Posted by MikeZilla in texas , sxsw , Nokia , blogging


Just an update, no kitties were harmed in my quest for a trip to SXSW (South By South West) in Austin Texas.

Feb 15

I do believe I'm back

Posted by ShackledMuse in work , unemployment , U2 , blogging , blog , Art


Actually, I promised the lovely RedSaid that I would magically conjure 500 words on MyDL and 500 words on my personal blog. This impromptu arrangement  followed a little Facebook status update I made last night after I realized I was a whole bunch happier when I still blogged regularly. (Sadly, my personal blog shall remain un-updated for now, gravity is taking its toll on my eyelids.)

Jan 09

The Twittification of Blogging.

Posted by OS GIKEN in Twitter , News up to date , iPads , Facebook , Blogging Dies , blogging


Twitter - possibly the best description for anyone trying to front out a WEB 3.0 analogy.

Blogging - the epitome of WEB 2.0 (interaction, integration of web content, video, links, photo's etc.)

The Twittification of Blogging has begun, my false exit from blogging is testament alone, even people like The Source is a great example. FB and Twitter see's more action from this man's fingers than a blog does, and I have the same excuse time. But time has never been the problem. Twitter and FaceBook are taking over true forms of blogging, where writing and skill is actually required. A Tweet or a Status update can say in 10 seconds what a blog must try to say in 5-10 minutes at least.

Usually we used to see blogs about some interesting happening in the news, be it IT related or not, now, we get a link on our Twitter and FB feeds and we read the real article, eliminating the 2cnd and even 3rd hand information distortion! If blogging can be successfully migrated to mobile, and I mean successfully, it can still rival the feeds you recieve every 5 minutes or so.
But that's the problem, the delivery, the medium by which this is brought forth...the mobile, the BlackBerry's and the iPhone's...Blogging, 80% of the time requires you to be in front of a stationary PC. Whereas Twitter and FB is on the go, real-time as they like to call it.

Its sad really, but die hard bloggers will always return to their, now defunct PC's and go balls to the wall and churn out some really good content, we've all read good blogs and just sat bag in amazement after we've read it, and really hoped for more of these, these soon to be fossilized means of conversation entertainment.

With the advent of tablets and iPads etc making a welcome introduction or as some would argue, "return" to the industry, the on the go'ness factor the mobile had over the PC resulting in less blogs is now a thing of the past, blogging can still take place, albeit for a much smaller audience.

I rely on Twitter to give me up to date, real time information on my interests, I rely on FB to share my quick-views with my friends and family, however, I rely on blogs, from diverse sources to keep me informed, keep me thinking, and keep me wondering about topics I've yet to discover...

Keep blogging alive, and it will be here when it snows in the summer!

OS over and out!

Sep 13

The iron fist of public sentiment

Posted by The Organ Harvester in SA Blog Awards , Right to free speech , Media Freedom , Freedom of Expression , Fisting the government , blogging , bloggers

The Organ Harvester

Warning: I tend to use profanity. Its a sign of my lack of intelligence.

Jul 14

Anonymous bloggers

Posted by ShackledMuse in blogging , blogger , anonymous


I’m not an anonymous blogger, even though that was the plan when I started out. My name is Cheryl, I live in Johannesburg and many of my friends “in real life” follow my blog (even if they only pop in once in a while.) They know who The Shackled Muse is. And I’m sure Source has me somewhere on a video…

On the one hand, I stand by the notion that if you want to say something, have to balls to do so without a Nome de plume. On the other hand, there is something enticing about being unknown.


Jun 26

Blogging: A beginners guide – Part 3

Posted by ShackledMuse in topics , how to , categories , blogging , blog



Jun 24

Adgator to Monetize your Blog

Posted by thenack in thenack , south africa , problogger , paid to blog , money , monetise , internet , cash , blogging , afrigator , advertsing , adgator



Afrigator, South Africa, and Africa's, main blog agitator thingy, started a unique concept a few years ago. This was pay per view advertising aimed at the blogging community. Yep, you, me, us, the bloggers.
So I made a few bucks every month from Adgator. What was nice about it is the fact that it was consistant each month. You get paid per view, no tricks, thats it. So if you can get you blog views up you make more money. Period. But then....Adgator when through some growing pains and I stopped using them. But as of late, they seem to have sorted out all the teething problems and have some of the biggest blogs in South Africa using them.
Unfortunately for you it is no longer free to join adgator ( yeah, you should have listened when I told you about it back then), as they only want serious bloggers. But I used to make a R100 a month back then, so you should easilly make more than that now making the joining fee woth it.
check out the new Adgator

Jun 24

Posting 1000

Posted by The Source in The Source , blogging

The Source

This will be posting number 1 000 for me since I started blogging on myDigitalLife wayyyyy back. Instead of writing a long speech-like posting we decided to do a short video :)

Jun 22

Blogging: A beginners guide

Posted by ShackledMuse in how-to , blogging


I am no expert. I had a website that crashed a few months ago, and I’m still in the process of building it up. I’m not a blogging fundi like Dooce, and I’m not a SEO expert like The Infopreneur. However, I enjoy what I do, and I think I’m getting better at it.

Yes, I blog. “Real” blogging. I’m not a problogger, and I’m proud of it. Even when I make a big income from blogging I still don’t want to be known as Problogger. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: they are not bloggers, they’re just marketing strategists giving tips on how to make money from blogging.


Jun 19

Technology, Viruses and PC's!

Posted by Erised in Viruses , virus , technology , pc , internet , computer , blogging , applications , anti virus


Rule number one; always take to consideration that a computer is just programmed to do certain things and with programming, there are limitations!

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