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Dec 14

My First Time

Posted by Svassandlit in tricks , tips , photoshop cs3 , photoshop , odesk , money , knowledge , hints , freelance , first , design , blog , adobe


Hi There!
I'm Anike, a freelance designer working through I stubbled upon this site yesterday and it intrigued me (mostly the money part). I have never blogged before and this is my first attempt. Not really sure what the content should be, but I'll figure that out.
Just to give you a general idea of me, my blogs will mostly be about handy tricks and effects in Adobe Photoshop. I use Adobe Photoshop CS3, so I have no idea whether my advice and tips will work on the latter versions, but give it a try, it won't hurt. I'm not an expert but I know that many aren't and any bit of knowledge helps.
I'll be keeping you posted.

Oct 03

So apparently my cat blogs too....

Posted by ShackledMuse in job application , cerebra communications , cat , blog


Yeah. Little Smudge pulled a fast one on me..

Aug 01

New Blog: C & C Photography

Posted by ShackledMuse in theme , photography , photo a day , challange , blog


C & C Photography

Jul 08

Nudity in the South African society

Posted by archived_user in taboo , sex , opinion , nudity , lust , incest , evil , blog , BiTcH


For those of you who may not know, I admin and write articles, stories and blogs for a free adult social network, owned and run by South Africans, for South Africans. The only criteria to joining is that you reside in South Africa and that you (obviously) come to the site and join up with an open mind, expecting nudity and sexuality at every twist and turn.

Jun 07

Little grey dots

Posted by archived_user in romance , online , mydl , Lustville , little dots , fiction , chatting , blog , BiTcH , adult


Jun 02

When sex gets boring

Posted by archived_user in working girl , threesome , swingers , Paige , Mea , masseuse , Lustville , lust , escort , blog , BiTcH , BFF


So. You've been together for a while now and well, sex with him is wow, it always has been. Its just that, lately, you've been noticing the peeling paint more than what he's been doing to you.

May 24

Vme? no VYou!

Posted by Howie2.0 in vyou , vlog , video platform , vh1 big morning buzz , steve spurgat , online video , deepak chopra , Customer service , customer relations , conversational video , blog


May 06

Brandsocial - Get Paid

Posted by Zircon in Vote , reward , paid , opinion , brandsocial , blog


Sooo, I stumble past this page, info posted by one of my Facebook friends.  The value of brands are entering a complete different dimension - this is crowd sourcing in action ... well done to the guys who ran with this initiative.  Am going to share it with you guys, as everyone would like to make a buck or two - right?

Here is an extract:

"So, what’s Brandsocial all about? Brandsocial is your revenue-generating brand opinion voice! By giving you an interactive social media platform Brandsocial asks and listens to your opinions, gets your feedback, better understands you – your opinions, needs and desires – and pays you for this participation. Leading South African brands understand your value, and will reward you for it through their partnership with Brandsocial.

Apr 20

Because my Granny said NO

Posted by Pumelela Nqelenga in Twitter , thabo mbeki , tenderpreneurship , south africa , social network , social media , mxit , Jacob Zuma , helen zille , Facebook , Election , corruption , blog , 2011

Pumelela Nqelenga

So my granma decided to give me a ring the other day, only to tell me to vote on the upcoming elections. I told her that I was planning to vote and that as a sign of my commitment to the elections, I am writing a blog about the importance of political parties to start using digital...

“My baby, please stop there. I have no clue of what you are talking about and I’m missing my favourite soapie now. Just vote and make sure you don’t vote for corruption”, she interrupted.
She put the phone down only to leave me in shock of the realisation that my own granma is starting to be critical about her vote.
It was only a few years ago that my granma refused to believe there was no corruption in this country and even when I was winning the argument on corruption she would end off saying, “the apartheid government did it, why can’t we?”.
I hope you can see the impact of that phone call for me. Something shifted. I did not understand it at that time but something was not the same.
This then lead me to think more about the next coming elections.
In my reflection I saw that these elections are not about big names or big parties; instead they are about me and my community.
We are voting for our neighbours and our local personalities, people whom we see in the shops, at church or at the local hospital.
When I started to look at it this way, I was shocked at how corruption was so close to me. It was not in some conference room in Luthuli house but just across the street. Just  five minutes away I could confront it and say no to it.
So why has it taken me so long to realise the close proximity of corruption?
Well it is simple. I have debated with the likes of Helen Zille, Thabo Mbeki, Julius Malema even said a rude word or two to Jacob Zuma in the comfort of my living room staring at the television screen. Mind you, I won every debate.
Seriously though, television, radio and newspapers were the only way I could gain information about what was going on in my country. I could not really discuss my issues with the Vavi’s and the Nzimande’s. I was given information and I could do nothing more but vote and hope something would change.
Now it is easier. I have social media that can help me get personal access to the big names and start debating with officials.
In fact, I propose that all public officials display their Twitter, Facebook, Mxit and Blog accounts on every poster so that we can start chatting. Start a community conversation.
It may have been eighteen years too late but my granma has finally started to fight corruption.
Why can we not allow social media to makes us more socially active as citizens and help fight corruption?
Instead of sending pictures via Mxit about your new manicure or your new ride, why not send pictures of leaking taps or broken windows in public schools to local municipality officials?
It takes less than 140 characters on Twitter to answer my question on corruption and tenderpreneurship. Surely someone can answer me.
I say no corruption and social media has the potential to empower me to say “NO” loud and proud.
Apr 13

“My ex still views my profile, who views yours?”

Posted by Khatija in Twitter , surveillance , stalking , Social networks , profile viewer , privacy , new media law , new media ethics , , Government , Facebook , Control , blog , applications


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