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Nov 02

Sex: The Devil's Work!

Posted by Wolfe in sex , adult toys


A couple of days ago I decided to educate myself on an emotional level and grabbed a copy of the Women's Health lying around in the house, hoping that maybe I would gain some forbidden knowledge. As I paged through I came across an article with pics of some interesting lipstick holders...only to realise they come with batteries and rubbing it on your lips would probably result in dry skin and the smell of silicone. (get your mind out the gutter!) Yes...they were

I started to wonder how popular these items were and in general, adult toys. I found it strange to come across such a liberal article in a magazine for women, whom we all know (or believe) to be very conservative when it comes to sex as a topic for open discussion. So I went to consult the oracle of information, also known as FireFox and his sidekick, Google. After my first search submission a whole new world opened to me (no pun).After my neck got sore from turning it in all directions to try and make sense of what I saw, I decided on a more academic approach. I began refining my search in terms of online industry value and watched a number of the documentaries with the dodgy soundtrack...

It became apparent that sex shops in South Africa was greatly frowned upon. Some lady rented a spot in a shopping mall, only for all the other tenants to sign a petition against her trading there. There was nothing lude or sleazy. She sold adult toys for women with no naked pics anywhere. It soon became apparent that anything related to sex localy was considered evil. Naturally, these petitions have filtered into cyberspace where sex is rife. The biggest reason for petition is to protect our children from the evil of these adult sites. Well guess what! If it werent for sex you wouldn't have kids to try and protect you evil sinner!!

Okay, to be fair...before I continue...there is a ton of porn locally available online and many adult stores have a very sleazy approach. What I struggle with is how these sleazy sex trading / porn sites are responsible for giving sex such a bad name? I don't get it...

There almost seems to be some sort of mass hysteria when it comes to the topic of sex. Sure, we can chat about it in private and make tons of jokes about it when with friends and we all love to flirt a little, but seriously? Why do normal people go off the rails when a store wants to open that will allow people to explore their intimate side a bit more and have a bit more fun? I am not for it or against it...due to lack of knowledge on the subject, I am indifferent to the concept of adult toys. I just feel that it is sad that something that plays such a large role in our existence and daily lives (for most of us) can be so obscured and disgraced by society.

Here are my personal thoughts on the whole topic of sex..

You can call it whatever you want...some people prefer to say Love Making, which makes it more acceptable. What's the difference between love making and sex? Nothing! You disagree? Let me is pure animal instinct and refers to just "doing it", while love making is a physical expression of ones emotional bond...crap.I have never heard of a man that said: "Honey, I feel such a strong emotional bond with you, I would love to express this love I feel for you in a physical way"....although the latter could be a great pick-up line knowing how drawn some women are to emtions, it all starts with lust and finding each other attractive. I don't deny that sometimes sex is pure lust and other times it is wrapped in emotion...but it is what it is, no matter what you call it.

If we can accept that sex (emotional or not, expressive or selfish) is universal in its meaning and if we can all admit that most of us do it and most of us enjoy it, then why are we so against it in a social context? I agree it's a private matter and some indulge in it in a manner that is unacceptable, but are we that ignorant that in this modern age we still shy away from it and label it the devil's work which may lead to temptation, infidelity and porn addiction?? If this is how we think, then maybe we as a society are too irresponsible to handle "sex" and we can be deemed collectively immature.

Being a religeous person I muse at the thought of church relating to this topic. Everyone dresses up in their best outfit when they go to church...why? Probably because when you dress so nice you feel so good...why do you feel good? Because of those around you, if you were on a desert island knowing nobody would ever see you again, you not going to give a continental about how you look. We want to look good for others...the only reason you want to look good for yourself is to impress others...think about it! So why do you want to look good for others?'s in our nature to want to look our best as it is our instinct to attract attention, even if we have a partner. So many women say that they dress for their partner so that they look nice for them, yet few of them ever asked their partner what they think would look nice...interesting....back to the point...So why do we draw attention? Well....we have an instinct to stand out from our own gender in order to attract the opposite gender. We are here to procreate and it is in our genes. Nothing wrong with it and it doesn't mean you are going to cheat (a topic for another day). All I am saying is if you are so against the evils of sex, then let yourself go...don't make an effort to look nice and when you see a child, grab your Bible, because they are the product of that evil you so hate, the same goes for the next time you look in the mirror.

Personally, I would like us as a society to approach the subject of sex with a responsible and mature attitude. I would like to be able to walk into an adult toy store without feeling like a sex offender, because the product I want to buy there is for me alone or for me to use with my partner in the intimate confines of our privacy to enjoy in a responsible manner. I would like to see more classy adult stores opening locally and would like to see women become more liberal and open and men more responsible and respectfull. So, I know some of you are wondering...did I go an buy a sex toy? No....sadly as result of the stigma society has bestowed upon this topic, I am still too conservative.....however, I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic?

Jul 08

Nudity in the South African society

Posted by archived_user in taboo , sex , opinion , nudity , lust , incest , evil , blog , BiTcH


For those of you who may not know, I admin and write articles, stories and blogs for a free adult social network, owned and run by South Africans, for South Africans. The only criteria to joining is that you reside in South Africa and that you (obviously) come to the site and join up with an open mind, expecting nudity and sexuality at every twist and turn.

May 20

My opinion on sex in South Africa

Posted by archived_user in SouthAfrica , sex , opinion , , BiTcH , BDSM


The opinions expressed in this article are mine alone. Feel free to comment or argue. I enjoy a challenge!

Sep 17

Sex vs Seks, a comparason

Posted by thenack in thenack , sex , seks


I came accross this idea after seeing a funny picture from Google search autocomplete. Aparetly afrikaans people have problems with the "how to" of sex. I am not even going to get into the sequence of search terms, naai, bid hekel (??) and briliantly at nr 4 biltong, nice.

Sep 13

YOur World News according to Google

Posted by thenack in thenack , sex , rooney , prostitute , muslim , jenny thomson , hookers , google instant , eliot spitzer , eid mubarak


It is often quite fun to have a look at Google's top search terms for a certain period. It can tell you a lot of what is going on in the world and also, how people think and react to that.

For instance in South Africa at the moment Eid Mubarak came up, google it, it's a Muslim festival greeting meaning "blessed festival" as in merry Christmas. If had the good fortune to see venus underneath the crescent moon a few days ago you would have realised that something Islamac had to be going on. If you look at world wide searches though, you would also see Rosh Hashanah, this is the Jewish new year and means "head of the year". Ke Nako, feel it, it is now. So the two major monotheistic religions of the world both have a big festival about now.

What is interesting is that South Africans muslims are either more serious than the Jews, or they are more than the Jews in SA. On the other hand, it may also mean that Muslims have to google their own religion to find what it's all about, while Jews already know and don't have to Google it? I don't know which one....what I do wonder about though, while Kudu horns are very cool blowing instrument, would Vuvuzellas be OK?
YOu would also notice that Wayne Rooney is in the search hitlist for his alleged overpaying of allegedly overcharging prostitute, Jennifer Thomson. Rooney is in the search top ten, and she is in the image-search top 10. So basically, people want to know if Rooney has been riped of, what does a $1800 a nigh hooker look like? Well, turns out, she is not that pretty. The love Guv, Eliot Spitzer got better value for his money in my oppinion. All this just proves what people say "If you see a pretty girl on the tube in London, you may as well speak afrikaans to her". ..but that is just what the people say.

Spitzers overpriced hooker......                       Wayne Rooneys Overpriced Hooker.......

" Don't pass to me, I lost my contacts before the world Cup already"

Rooney can only hope he gets half as cool a nickname as "LoveGuv" from this, Randy Rooney sounds a little cartoonish if you ask me.

What I still find amazing is how LAZY and computer illiterate South Africans is. The top 2 search terms since 2004 for South Africa.........Facebook Login and Gmail Login. So first you find The Google, then you find the internets, and then you type in Facebook, then you log in. WOW, MyDL, we have lots of work ahead of us.....

Jun 04

AIDS: The GAY Plague

Posted by thenack in WTF , weird , sex , Science , man on man , man on horse , homophobic , gay , aids


I am not for Gay,
I am for science education,

I am not for man on horse sex as an explanation in the 3rd grade science class...gee this is so weird.

man on man, man on women, threesome, man on horse ???????

Well actually the poster teaches that you cn get aids only whith 3-way sex and man on man sex, not with man on women sex or man on horse sex, these two are OK, the other two are taboo.

Be Motivated Today

Well now you know whats safe in sex right now, C'ya


Mar 31

Start your own Sex Chat Website Service

Posted by The Source in stream , sex , service , room , chat , adsl

The Source


You can now start your own online Sex Chat Website Service from home... yes you!!!

Say goodbye to your boss, go home and start making money from your couch within a week by simply following my simple instructions.

You can trust me, because according to Google Search I am the KING of How To manuals concerning sexual topics.  If you don’t believe me then I dare you to run the following searches and see for yourself.  Go to and search for:

Mar 17

Doggy Sex Toy and the Wagging Tongue

Posted by thenack in vibrator , thenack , sex toys , sex , funny , doggy style


Yip. Little Fido is pnly little in stature, not in horny testosterone driven personality. He is humping everything, what are you going to do? Get him his own K9 version of the blow up doll. Yep, the doggy do-it hump toy! Need I say more?

Secondly, as strange sex toys go, I thought the wagging tongue vibrator was quite interesting. Aparently it is specifically for lesbians, which is trange, because people of all sexual orientations have tongues. What they didn't say was if it came with or without a bottle of mouthwash. The white tongue looks like someone who forgot to brush their teeth.

The finally, and I think they should bring this out for Wii, is the body bouncer. If you have weak thighs, but you fancy yourself a cow-girl. You should get one of these. But seriously, don't you think Wii should get this? I guess it could be a nice addition to the bedroom furnature, as they say : its not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean" Well with this sex toy the motion of the ocean will get quite shoppy. remember to take your motion-sickness pill and keep your eyes on the horizon.

What I don't get about this picture, why they used a dead guy?

Feb 19

Joke Friday

Posted by thenack in thenack , sex , joke , flying , africa


I find this joke truly funny and the fact that is so South African makes it even funnier to me (it is a very old joke but I am sure not many of you have heard it)
Anyone who once was a teenage boy or who remember the more conservative days of the old South Africa will probably enjoy this. (This joke should actually be told because it kind of needs a bad Afrikaans accent to work, but use your imagination)

Now back in the day when condoms first "came out", here in South Africa it was a very sensiteve topic. You wouldn't see them in the store like you do know. For all practical puposes it would be like having a rabit vibrator next to the toothpaste. Frowned upon. Now this one young afrikaans boy heard rumours. Kondoom, ongelooflik. Jy hoef niks te worry nie. All his friends were telling him about this magical device. Now one day he decided it was time to find out for himself. If sex could be less dangerous than he was taught by his parents, he had to find out.
Now if you don't speaks too many english, kondoom could very easily be translated to "kandoom". Sounds about right. So off he went to the indian general dealer (the spar didn't have kandooms). The thing is , you had to ask, they kept them in the back. So of he went and asked the gentleman, " Can I have one kandoom please". The shopkeeper obviously heard "can doom" and asked him if he needed it for crawling in~sekts or flying in~sekts, to which the boy promptly replied, " NO!! just normal sekts please"

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