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Dec 07

Volvo C30 DRIVe - fully electric and full on...

Posted by automatix in Volvo , vehicle , test , electric , drive , Car , c30 , battery


Jun 07

Is the N900 a phone?

Posted by Shesthegeek in screens , review , qwerty , phone , Nokia , n900 , mobile , memory , gadgets , battery



Dec 11

Give it back

Posted by Schizo in battery


For those of you who own one of the following Packard Bell EasyNote notebook computers, it seems that the batteries are a bit off, like a bad apple.

Packard Bell has released a statement to recall batteries of the 2007 notebooks, the EasyNote MX36, MX37, MX51 and MX52, saying that the batteries are potentially defective, which can result in overheating, short circuiting and possibly bursting into flames.

Go check, if you have one of these notebooks, the date it was manufactured, as the recall only affects devices manufactured between July and December 2007.
If you or anyone you know have one of these notebooks, go visit the company’s site at for more info on what to do etc, etc etc.  

I thought someone might benefit from this, as Packard Bells are also available in SA.