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Aug 23

Diary of a Newly Employed Bastard Part 2

Posted by DevilTrigger in job , employed , biscuits , bastard


So, tis the start of my first official week at work today, and I have returned to again hating Mondays with all my soul. I went in for 3 days last week, and the job is somewhat more hectic than I thought. I have always hated customers, but this has taken it to a whole new level for me. I think perhaps the problem is because I don't yet know what I'm talking about. My ears are still very wet, so I spend a disturbing amount of time saying, "Er...I don't know, let me check up.". Yes, I've become that guy. You know that guy. The one who, although the business has seen it fit to employ him, he seems to not actually know much about what the hell is going on.  Dialogue is as follows:

Aug 16

Diary of a Newly Employed Bastard

Posted by DevilTrigger in satan , employed , doesanyoneactuallyreadthetags? , bastard


Just when I was about to consider selling my soul to Satan in return for some worldly possessions, I found myself a job. FINALLY. After my very first blog moaning about how its people you know who get you work, it was that very same channel that got me employed. Do I feel bad? No, because I never seek it out. (Loopholes are great aren't they?). An old lecturer phoned me up and said, Hey, I know someone who is looking for a -Insert Name Of My Qualification Here-, have you found work yet? I swiftly replied no, and just like that, I landed an interview this morning and it worked out. At least I think it was an interview. Boss Man seemed quite confident in my abilities, seeing as my lecturer recommended me, and didn't even look at my CV. It was literally, Hi, have a seat, you'll be doing this, you'll work from here to there, and earn this, so when would you like to start?

Jun 08

Diary of an Unemployed Bastard

Posted by DevilTrigger in unemployment , unemployed , of , nepotism , diary , bastard , an


Dear Sir/Madam

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