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May 05

SMS and Social Media – the new canary in a coal mine

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By Dr Pieter Streicher, MD of

Jun 14

The vuvuzela debate ; the sequel

Posted by Paralyzer in vuvuzela , Soccer , fifa world cup , ban


Ja nee its only been a week and twitter and facebook are awashed with "should the vuvuzela be banned debate'' once again.It seems most european countries only woke up to the sound of the vuvuzela last week 'rather than during the confed cup.Whilst FIFA, most South African and African fans are still adamant that the vuvuzela aint going nowhere; because it adds to the vibe that is Mzansi Soccer.It seems this debate is becoming redundent.

Funny enough though,most commentators thought the vuvuzela will only be blown by South Africans ,but I have spotted a lot of the "foreign legion" with the horn in hand.Dare I say it's getting popular by the day.Theres nothing like bad publicity to get your name out there,even people in london are now scrambling for their own vuvuzela.It seems the negative press is actually boosting the sales and the brand exposure of the vuvuzela.Even if you hate it ,you know that it exists.I wonder whats going to happen after the world cup,will we be hearing vuvuzela in ampfield or the emeral staduim?

At the end of the day the vuvuzela is not a black or white thing,nor a europe vs africa thing,its a taste thing.Cause if you been watching the games or visiting the fan parks its all races,anationality and people who are proudly blowing the vuvuzela. It seems there are people who appreciate the unique element the vuvuzela brings to this world cup and the are those who dont,fortuneatly the powers that be are with the fans who love it and thats why we keep blowing the vuvuzela.Either embrace it or buy ear pluggs ,theres still 3 more weeks of it to come.So brace yourself

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