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Aug 30

Future pets: robotic dogs and cyber cats

Posted by fastforward in technology , seal , robotic , pleo , pets , paro , future , dog , dinosaur , cat , baby , artificial , animal


Jun 03

My new baby boy

Posted by thenack in thenack , baby


Aug 19

I'm a daddy! It's great and its hard work

Posted by OS GIKEN in maternity ward , hospital , Dr. Brown bottle , dilated , Daddy , birth , baby , Avent bottle , 8cm dilated , 10cm dilated


It's been a crazy week. This time last week my wife had her 1st set of contractions...she timed them all and then called me at 3ish...reading all those magazines really helped with the timing of the labour...i.e when to go to hospital!

I got to the flat in record time, to find her inhaling and blowing out as suggested, it was an exciting yet tense moment. I rushed to hospital; in the process realizing I need a faster car! We got to the hospital, they put her in a private room, which is great as you don't want to share your most intimate moments having to worry about the patient next to you...its worth that R500 p/night. I then went to go fill out the forms, and when I got back to the maternity ward, they were already wheeling her to the delivery room! Apparently she was already 8cm dilated!

It was too late for a water birth as we had scheduled, and...there was already someone in the bath giving birth! On that day, 12th of August, 14 other kids entered this bad world! They broke her water or something like that...and then the waiting started, contractions came and went and soon she was 10cm dilated and the doctor who was just next door was informed. She had to push, push, was very exciting for me but not so for her, as the magazines told us everything except when and how to push...

The doctor stood there talking to her, and I relayed everything to her by her side...she did very well as we entered the delivery room at 16h30 and baby Karli entered this world at 17h55, very quick. No issues whatsoever for both ladies, as our prayers were envisioned and she was discharged 2 days later!

Karli was a handful the first 2 we did not know what to do, change her, make her burp, sleep? My mom got there and helped us out really well, I must still buy her a present for all her help as without her, we would have had sleepless nights for real! Having baby Karli in her room was another mission on its own. Getting the room warm enough, up to 23 degrees and then putting on the humidifier and the Angelcare sound and movement monitor helped a whole lot. I found myself looking at that monitor more than 100 times as every noise saw my body tense up as I thought to myself...WHAT NOW AGAIN?

The 1st night she didn't sleep well, she had winds and was restless...the second night we got her to a routine, sleep for 4 hours, feed for 1 or 2 hours and in those hours we'd clean her, change nappies, bum cream and put her in the sun for a few minutes, then try to make her burp (which is one of the most difficult things for me) and then eventually after that burp which kept her awake and crying, she's out like a candle!

Its amazing when I look at the pictures when she entered the world compared to pictures I took yesterday, she's grown so much its hard to come to terms with it. She looks exactly like me, a mini OS GIKEN. Being a dad is crazy man, I find myself at her cot all the time feeling her little hands, she is strong and grabs them with force! An overwhelming feeling of protection and love for both Karli and her mom has washed over me!
Things I don't like about this new experience, is my/our lack of experience, what if my mom was not there? She gives us leeway so that we can try and sort out most things we can like wash her, make her sleep, burp etc. We have got that under control now but take last night for example, she had winds and we couldn't get it out, now and then she would brake wind and she'd be quiet, only to lay her in her cot and find her screaming for dear life! Only to find out, it was the navel string that fell off earlier in the day that made her uncomfortable. The methods we use to make her burp are to put her over my shoulder and then rub her back in up and down movements, normally the wind comes out in about 30 seconds or so...but if it doesn't, we are doomed. Another thing that happened last night, wifey's boobies did not produce milk! And we used up all the stored milk! And, her nipples were bruised as Karli pulls and bites them when she's hungry...the other thing that also worries me is, when she's hungry, after a sleep session, she swallows allot of wind, there is no way we can stop her as that means we'll have to take the bottle from her...we bought the bottles that promise no air will enter...but it does!

Its been a rough ride, but when I see her and she looks into my eyes, I don't care about anything else in the world! It’s truly amazing! But then she cries and then I worry again! LOL...I'm more at ease now as opposed to a couple of days ago...

OS over and out - being a dad is great, but its hard, as your sleeping and living routine is totally thrown out the window!

Mar 16

New baby know-hows, hints, tips and old wives' tales!

Posted by OS GIKEN in Wiki , Unborn , Newborn , Karli , baby , Babies


We are expecting our first child in early August, it’s a girl and she will be known as Karli, or by her nickname, Karli-karl! Yes, I already figured out a nick name for my unborn daughter!

My wife has had baby experience before, not of her own, but basically raising her little sister from her father's new marriage and helping out my sister and her niece with their children.

Mar 08

Baby expenses - spill all the beans!

Posted by OS GIKEN in savings scheme , New born , nappies , baby


So in August we expect baby Karli, that's the name of our daughter. Were planning to have a majour savings scheme in the next couple of months where we save most of our available income for when Karli comes and for the time my wifey is out of work. We intend to have her go back to work agian in Jan 2011.

What expenses, monthly mostly, are there when karli comes...we are going to buy the cot and car seat and pram before she comes as well as the other big things...

What monthly expenses are we looking at? Some people said add another R2000 to your budget, some said its only a R1000...what does this constitute. I know not all children are the same, neither are all families, our situation might be different from anyone else's and our style of upbringing might also not be the same. But are there generic things that Karli just must have each month? I'm trying t figure out how I can rework my budget to include little Karli and by how much...

OS over and out - I've heard tons of stories of how you should buy this and buy that...75% of the things I doubt we'd ever need...I skeem its just food, clothes, nappies, health and love...

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