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Jan 04

App review: Frametastic

Posted by Charmed in review , iPod Touch , iPhone , ipad , frametastic , app


I downloaded Frametastic a few weeks ago and it is listed (currently) as “free for a limited time” in its description on iTunes. If you are reading this and own any compatible device – iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (running iOS 4.0 or later), I suggest you download it – you won’t regret it.

Dec 08

Play PS and Xbox games on the iPad... WHAT???

Posted by Pippen in Xbox , streaming , Steam , psp , PS3 , PS , Portable , ipad , Games , console , app


Yes, it is true! And apparently its fast...

May 04

See the world through your cellphone screen

Posted by fastforward in wikitude , mobile , cellphone , Blackberry Bold , blackberry , Augmented Reality , Apple , app , andriod


Apr 20

Facebook deals: a future reward for your facebook addiction

Posted by fastforward in Social Networking , Smartphone , mobile , location , Groupon , foursquare , Facebook Places , facebook deals , Facebook , deals , check in , blackberry , app


Apr 12

“If your heads up [babes]… you don’t have a BlackBerry.”

Posted by Mobile Kugel in niche , mobile , media , kugel , ICT , google chat , communications , Cell phones , borderless , blackberry , berlin conference , bbm , app , africa

Mobile Kugel

I would like to begin with an anecdote.

Apr 07

Why should you Jailbreak your device

Posted by msbodetti in tweak , psp , PS3 , jailbreaking , iPhone , geohot , app


With the comment from grahampvm, I think I should make a post for people who don't know why jailbreaking occurs and why the people who started it, do it.

Jailbreaking can happen with all sorts of devices, starting from your mobile phone to your gaming console. I do get the questions of why do they do it and why is no one taking action. Well someone did take action, Sony Entertainment America has taken action against a iPhone modder and hacker geohot (George Hotz)

Apr 03

My most useful iPhone apps.

Posted by Dissol in iPhone , apps , app


I shall join the trend of posting my favourite iPhone apps. I have to admit, that I was very sceptical when I first got my iPhone 4 as an upgrade. I had been of the thought, that all I really wanted a phone for was to make calls, and to send SMS's. I had a decent camera, an alarm clock, and a tablet PC (which I take with me in my back pack everywhere). So I viewed all these apps, as a waste of time. But I have to admit that I have changed my view with using the iPhone. I do tend to use it frequently to check my emails on it, rather than firing up the computer. Although I had a FB account, and Twitter account, I was hardly a regular user, maybe only looking in once a month or so. Now, I am able to check & even update my own status easily, and quickly, from any where, and I find that very useful. One of the most useful extras that I have for the phone is not an app though. It is (or, more correctly, was, as I broke it this last week in Jo'burg) a battery/case, with the unfortunate name of Mophie. I don't like the design of the iPhone 4 with the glass back, as without a case it easily slips off a surface, or lap, or car seat, and regularly clatters to the ground. The case was not as slippy, and gave some protection - it even sacrificed itself this last I shall have to purchase another.

Jan 12

Mac App Store!

Posted by msbodetti in mac app store , Mac , iTunes , iphone 4 , Apple , App Store , app


Well like in my last blog about my lovely 27 inch iMac, I just love Apple especially when they give you unlimited Apps to download for your favourite devices!

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